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Thursday, April 1, 2010

BJP Progress and Flowers!

Before I get into the progress on my BJP for April..check out what was delivered to me from my son and his family! Kris called to make sure they were delivered since they left them on the porch. Kris said she likes to surprise people and that she did! We are lucky to have such great kids between the two of us! Guess we did something right! Thanks again, kid!!!

I just love these daffodils! They are starting to open up and are so pretty!!
And speaking of kids! Ron and family were almost to their house from their spring break in Florida when they hit two deer!! No injuries other than to the car! We are thankful for that but kids sure don't need another cost or car injury!! Fortunately, they have a friend who loaned them a car to use to get to the house.
Now on to my BJP for April. I finished the umbrella and started to stitch beads for the handle. I used #11 seed beads to lay a line down then used #8 seed beads for the handle.
Next, I laid 5 beads across the straight row of beading to create a padded handle.

Yesterday I started to stitch my umbrella down with my rope stitch of beads.
I finished the handle and the umbrella last night! If you click on the picture you'll see more of the detail of the handle. Using the #8 seed beads for the bottom of the handle worked out great.

Today or tonight I'll get started on the rain drops. I have two different size of clear bugles and some crystal drop beads I'll use for the rain drops. At least that's my thought process right now! You never know how it will turn out. I'll then add some crystal seed beads on the edge so as to not take away from any of the other beading.
Weather has been BEAUTIFUL! Temps in high 70's or low 80's for the remainder of the week. Always a slight breeze which is what I love about the winters in Ocala.
Today is 'animal' day! Beak and nail trim for Gracie, shopping for NoName's food (our Australian Grass parakeet). Then to the library and pharmacy. I'll take Mandy with me to get her out of the house for awhile. We don't have far to go to any of the places and other than the pharmacy and library she can go inside with me.


  1. Robbie, I have nominated you for an award, my friend. You can pick it up at my blog but you don't have to follow all the rules/instructions if you don't want to.

  2. Now I have looked at your blog. Thanks for sharing your technique for stitching you handle, it was very effective and looks perfect! Your daffodils are so lovely, what thoughtful "kids" you have. Glad no one was hurt in the impact but I'm guessing the deer were? I hope your son didn't have to put them down, he probably wasn't carrying a gun at the time.


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