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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Busy 1st day

Look what was on our dining room table when we arrived here yesterday! It's a beautiful bouquet from our friends Peggy & Sammy! You have to click on the picture to check out the card with the flowers. The decoy on the front is one of Sammy's wooden carved ducks. Sammy does beautiful carving and Peggy does wonderful paintings. She also took pictures of Sammy's work and printed out the cards herself. A talented couple for sure!

Larry and Jan have done everything to make us feel right to home here at their house. It's like we never left! They are the sweetest couple and I'll be posting pics of all our friends during our stay here in Ocala. We love getting together with everyone and just having a darn good time!

Today, Carol and I went 'tooting' around...stopping at JoAnn's for friendly felt (have to start on our Dec. BJP for 2010!), library, pet store, car wash (we won't have to wash the car again until right before we leave for Florida - the cars just don't get dirty here!) and then we stopped at the new Publix. What a great store!

Before I show pics of our trip, here are some Christmas shots. This is Darrin, Kris, Nick and Amber.

Uncle Jeff and Auntie Dawn with nick and Amber! I love this picture! Everyone is so happy!!
And Bob and I. We had a great Christmas with the kids. I also got some pics from Mary Jo but I have to download them again! I put them on my desktop back home. I'll post those tomorrow.
And just some shots of our 2 1/2 days of driving! This is the back seat with Mandy, Flat Stanley (more on him later too!) and both bird cages behind Flat Stanley.
Of course Sybil came with us to Florida this year!! He did great and is now in his larger bowl. I had Sybil out on the lanai with me today. It was 71 degrees today! Just a beautiful day out.
And just a shot of the back of our car! Yes, we haul quite a bit but we have this packing up and loading the car down pat! We can load the car in less than 45 min.!
Friday I plan on getting my sewing room set up so I can start on my BJP. Bob golfed today and his hip held up great! No pain! He said his back ached but he took two Tylenol and that seemed to do the trick. Tomorrow he's just going to hit a bucket of balls and perhaps putt and chip. Then he golfs three days in a row! Let's hope he keeps feeling good and has the best winter yet!


  1. it sounds like you got a little early start to a great new year. great pics!!!

  2. How wonderful for you to be welcomed back in such a nice way. sounds as though you haven't wasted any time at all, settling in. Good on you!

  3. Hi Robbie, that was a great feat travelling with all the pets. Happy New Year we are roasting in over 100 degree heat, but that is Australia in the Summer.