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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Plans change

Yep, plans change, ideas change and because I'm a woman, I'm permitted to change my mind! I decided I didn't like the blue flower I had beaded on the friendly felt. I do like the effect of beading on the friendly felt but I didn't like my beaded pattern. So I thought I'd start beading on my leaves.

Here's a closeup of two leaves. So I'm thinking that I might just go ahead and bead the rest of the flowers and leaves directly on the background. I might still end up doing a blue flower but using different stitches.

While in Florida, my friend Carol and I attend the Master Garden show (remember when we misplaced her car in the parking lot!)...that day I did purchase an Amaryllis bulb. I've had it in the refrigerator, based on suggestions from Internet, until yesterday. I finally planted the bulb per instructions given to me and I'm hoping it will take root! Only problem is my poor neighbor (no, she's not poor, just unfortunate if she gets stuck with this job!) or one of my kids will have to watch the plant when we go back to Florida.
The Gardener I purchased the bulb from said I could plant outside but I was reading more about this plant and it's suggested you give it a 'first bloom' in the pot. I've always loved these plants and for you who don't know what they look like, do a search on google.
It was quite cold this a.m. so we had to turn the heat on - only 67 inside, which is fine for me but my poor hubby can't handle the cold! Sun is out and temps are suppose to be in mid 60's which is perfect for me! Bob is golfing, Mandy and I are going to the library and then back home to sew. I'm going to start on my 'South of the Border' piece which is due in July. This is for the MQAI traveling exhibit that my friend Mary co-curates. Until next post...have a great day!


  1. Unless you are in a very WARM climate, the amarylis needs to be inside in the winter. I always waited until the leaved died back on mine, then quit watering, let it dry and stored it in a cool dark place until the following year. Sometimes I would place just the bulb in a brown sack in the pantry.
    Always had good luck with them. Just give them a fertilizer with a high middle number until they bloom!


  2. Beautiful beadwork, as always... I wish I had your talent with it!

    (And I agree with you about the Prismacolor sharpener... mine just finally had to be discarded because I had worn it to a nub. Best sharpener evah!)