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Friday, November 6, 2009

One of Mandy's day jobs

Before I get to Mandy's day job...a few days ago I showed in one of my posts a scarf I made using yarn Dawn brought me from Alaska. Well, Laurie Ceesay sent me an email and just happen to mention that it did resemble a wreath. I thought this as well but figured if I posted that folks would think me weirder then I already am. But guess what! In preparing for my Christmas party for the CCC fiber group on Sat. I ran downstairs and wrapped the 'scarf' around a vase I put some beading in! Guess what! It looks great! Thanks, Laurie for 'prompting' me to use it as a wreath until I get the bead and loop sewn on! By the way..check out Laurie's blog and her work! Laurie creates figurative art quilts which are spectacular!

Here's my wreath!
So now to some pics of Mandy and her 'friends' at their monthly day job at the Good Shepard School.

Mandy really does listen to the kids and I enjoy some of the stories as well. Sometimes she falls asleep and the kids will unconsciously start petting her while they are reading to her. It's so great to see.
Mandy looks like she saying "what, I was listening"! This is Sally being read to. Sally is a sweetheart and allergic to wheat! Go figure!
Tammy Bartz is one busy lady. She does the arranging of quite a few of the reading programs as well as other Therapy Dog visits. I'm not sure how she does it or how she keeps everything she does in order! This is one two dogs she brought today. They are always well behaved even if they are puppies! Another one of Tammy's dogs. Sleeping! This was during lunch break so sleeping is allowed then too! I don't know this dogs name...but she sure liked her belly rubbed! She had the cutest little 'howl' when she came into the building. Like she was giving everyone notice she was there! And, again, I don't know his name but what a doll!! I love his head/face!! He's only 8 months old! I'll find out his name for next month (we only meet for the reading program at this school once a month).
Here he is 'working'! He's going to be a great Therapy Dog. Check out Therapy Dogs, Inc. here. It's a great organization and some interesting stories on the dogs and their handlers.
Temp on Friday @ 7 was 20.4!! It did warm up to the 40's but yikes!

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  1. The pics od Mandy are absolutely charming! Pet Therapy has to be one of the greatest things around; it is most interesting seeing how people change in the presence of an animal, relax, enjoy the moment, brighten up and connect.
    Four paws with wings and a halo!