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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mid week

I received this email from my son yesterday. How cool is this! Congrats Nick & Amber on jobs well done!

Mum, We talk about how proud we are as parents and also so Thankful for what our parents have taught us and shared with us over the Years…Well; last week Amber nailed it once again on the Challenge words and then Nick brought home is first official Perfect Attendance recognition from 1st Grade! Thanks again Mum for all the Years you taught us as Kids…it’s rubbing off on our Kids, “Just do the Best You Can and Never Give Up!” Darrin

Here's Nick's award....

And Amber's 101%! I think she got 101% because of an extra credit word. She's a good student. On Wednesday's I ask if she has homework and she'll say "yes, but I have to wait and have my dad help me". I remember what those days were like! I'm sure Darrin and Kris feel like they are back in school at times!
I did finish another twisted knitted scarf (pattern from issue 1 of Thr3fold journal from my favorite fiber artists). The yarn was a gift from my daughter when she and Jeff went to Alaska. It was handmade in Sitka by Raven Frog Fiber Arts and I love the color. Only problem I didn't have enough to make a long twisted scarf so I was given a 'design opportunity'! I ended up with a size that fits perfectly around my neck. I looked through my beads today and I found a pretty pink shell type bead about 1" in size. I'm going to make a chain loop and sew on the button (on the left side bottom in this picture) and I'll have a neck scarf! I think it will work out perfectly!
I'm looking forward to having our CCC fiber group over on Sat. for our Christmas Party! Yep, it's early but with Thanksgiving and Christmas it's so hard to find a date that one of us doesn't have another holiday commitment. We've met the past two years early in Nov. and I think it works out best. My tree is up, table set up ready and I have two recipes I'm going to try! Yum..can't wait..we always eat well as everyone brings a dish to pass! And of course we do have some, etc.
Friday is day job for Mandy at the school for the reading program. Mandy loves being with the kids and I have to admit I enjoy it as well. So until later.....

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  1. Robbie, Your twisted knit scarf is very fun and funky!!! I like the texture fuzziness of it and the nice gradation of colors. It almost looks like a wreath! Laurie Ceesay