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Thursday, June 18, 2020

More knitting

We are back working on Hilary's online MIP class and drawing/cropping and I'm trying to get back into tracing!  HA  Until then...I'm knitting at night when watching TV and sometimes during the day when it's pleasant on the deck.  This week it's been too hot except at night so hard to decide what to do, right!  And I'm walking with my neighbor as often as we can after dinner...getting in over 10,000+ steps, which makes me happy!

I'm currently knitting the same pattern with different threads/needles at the same time!  I had to do something with the leftover yarn I had from my lace this was a good way to practice a new pattern that adds beads to it.  I'm almost at the point of adding the beads.

 It's hard to see the beads I just laid on top of the knitted portion.  These will be inserted as I knit the next # of rows...

This is yarn I purchased to make the 'real' beadkerchief pattern by Laura Nelkin. 

You can see the beads I'll be adding to this scarf.  These may show up more than the ones on the grey scarf.

This past Tuesday our local yarn shop had a 20% off on yarns so I had to stop sad note is the owner is retiring and will be closing her shop August 1st!  It's been a staple in the town of Grand Blanc for many years and I'm hoping someone else will take it over.  Yarn shops are hard to come by but I imagine with all of the online shops women are using them vs small shops.

Check out this yarn I purchased!  I love it and hope to use it for another lace shawl pattern by Laura.  I won't get to this until after the first of the year, just too many other projects due between now and the holidays.  But I can be patient!  I think!

And check out this nifty little item!  It's a pattern holder for holding your pattern(s) while you're knitting.   I really could have used this when knitting my lace shawl!  I've usually put my pattern  sheet in plastic, which slips off my lap or  when it's on the table it tends to blow away...

Now the pattern sheet will stay in place and the magnetic strip will show where/what row you're on!  How cool is that!

You can open the case landscape or portrait and it also has a zippered area for keeping other items in or add'l pattern sheets.

This is great with the use of a large magnetic strip to hold your pattern and show your place.  How cool is this!  I'm going to get my sister one on Thursday and mail to her.  I'm sure she won't see this post since she's also busy knitting and taking care of a 3 month old puppy!!! 

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  1. And so she knits... those are really lovely, and the beads will add an interesting element. The new yarn- gorgeous. Isn't it amazing the yummy selections available?


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