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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

A day or two of my life....

This is a post about my/our life...nothing exciting but I do like to have in my blog book.  Enjoy or just close and move on!  Thanks for stopping by!

It was such a nice weekend weatherwise.....and then hubby had the great idea for me to wash our pillows.  Now, this is the man who will buy radio controlled airplanes, golf clubs, etc.  You get the picture...but instead of buying a new $10 pillow (afterall he had coupons for two stores!), he didn't want to spend the $$'s.  So, I put the pillows in our heavy duty, 24 year old, Whirpool washer!  Bob and I went about our day - me working on some drawings and he on his planes.  He came upstairs first and yelled his famous words "Robbie, we've got a problem" (my kids and grandkids know this statement!  Kinda a joke in our family!) 

Anyway, the water overflowed from the washer, which is a top loader.  I had to mush the pillows into the water for it to agitate but I didn't think about it filling up again for a rinse cycle. we had to move the washer out so I could JUMP up on top of the washer and jump behind it!  Now picture this 73 yr old grandma hiking herself up on the washer!  But I did it!  There was a lot of water but I got it all mopped up and we pushed the washer back in place.  I took the pillows and hung them from the drying rack outside.  I should have taken a picture of them drying in sun...thank goodness for a sunny day!  I did toss in the dryer but they were pretty well dried and hubby slept well under his clean, puffy pillow!  Hmmmmmmmmm

Bob had a doctor appt that I schedule for him to check out some digestive issues.  No, he didn't want to go but I'm tired of hearing him complain.  Although, the past few days he's been "good" but that's another story!  So he heads to the doctor's office and when he gets there they tell him he doesn't have an appointment.  He said "WHAT?"  Of course, I'm sure he thought I messed up but they proceeded to tell him they have been using several temps lately and the lady on duty Friday probably didn't input the appointment.   

He then said, "well, I've fasted so can you do my blood work for my physical?"  They told him "no, because your physical isn't until October and your insurance wouldn't cover it unless you were seen".  Oh and they don't do blood draws anymore so he'd have to go to Quest 9 miles away.  Sooooooo could he come in at 3 instead.  Well, we know what hubby told them by that time! 

I called the office and talked to the receptionist and she (and I!) were quite pleasant.  I did ask if she would come and stay at our house tonight because I didn't want to be there when he got home.  She laughed but I was serious!  Actually, Bob handled this pretty good for him....

Next up, Gigi got sick at 11:35 p.m. when we were in bed Monday night!  She jumped off the bed and headed to the door and, thank goodness, ran outside to puke.  She did this twice...poor I got her some anti nausea meds and some Pepto and back to bed we went.

But I didn't sleep because everytime she moved I thought it was time to go back out!, which she didn't....first thing Tuesday a.m. I called the vet and dropped her off...after $398 spent, she is home and doing well.  She was dehydrated so they had to give her subcutaneous fluids and she's eating her rice and chicken and drinking again.  Poor baby!!   But no pancreatitis or poison type foods in her.  Hmmmmmmmmm

BUT THE BEST PART OF TUESDAY WAS!!!  Drumroll please!!!!!

Oh my gosh!  It feels so good to have my gray hair gone AND to have my pony tail gone!!!!  I haven't been to the hairdresser since March 3rd and ya all know how thick my hair is!  A 73 yr old grandma wearing a ponytail isn't always the best look!!!  But I feel SO good again!!!!!!  Whew!!!!  Now I know I can tackle the rest of the week and if not, at least I'll look better!


  1. Oh the pillows- ugh! I know what "we've got a problem means"- it means YOU"VE got a problem", right? Glad Gigi is doing better. Poor girl.

  2. Oh Robbie I know none of this is a laughing matter for you but I sure chuckled reading your saga and believe me…….I extend my sympathy. Don’t you find during this crisis that it’s harder now to cope with the oops moments in our lives?

  3. One adventure after another! The way you write about them is so entertaining -- you should do this more often!


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