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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

And the designs and crops continue!

I'm still playing with cropping and designing...sometimes with success..sometimes not so much!  Yes, this is an ok drawing/crop but honestly a crop doesn't need to look like 'anything'...does that make sense.

I guess you could say I jumped ahead to the design phase here putting pieces of my painted/stamped papers to create a 8"x10" page in my journal.

This was another deli background that I placed some of the pieces on.  I haven't glued either of these in my journal yet.  Still deciding!

We're now looking at texture pictures and creating stamps from those pictures.  I just happen to find this foam stickie back sheet, which looked to me that it already had a design on it!  So what did I do!  Yep, carved out positive and negative foam stamps! 

And then....I marked the areas I wanted to cut out. 

So now it's back to finding some more texture pictures.  I took some pictures outside while looking at the wood on our deck posts and rocks, which Hilary loves to print with.  Who knows what we'll be doing next! 


  1. Such a great simple idea that has so much potential!

  2. I like the idea of foam for positive/negative designs. You'll have fun with that. Your crops remind me of a character in one of the Inspector Gamache novels (ever read or listened to those? I love them on audio). Anyway, the character was a painter who focused his paintings in on a cropped view of ordinary objects... so much so that there was no telling what the object even was. Thanks for the top on the machine needles- I may have asked you that before. I have used them occasionally and agree that they are not very visible. I need to remember to save them for this purpose.


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