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Saturday, June 27, 2020

A few more croppings

Weather has been beautiful for a Michigan summer...yes, some days are more Florida weather so I stay inside with the AC on.  Other days, we've had the windows open with a wonderful breeze blowing through the house.  Those are my kind of days.  So when AC is on, I'm in my wet room playing with our MIP online lessons.

This was a drawing I did in May.

This is just a small 2"x3" crop that I was going to make into a stamp....still working on that one! 

This was a photo of the bottom of our deck wood.

And my crops from the photo above...again 2"x3".  Nothing fantastic but good practice at cropping. 

This was a deconstructed screen print I did last year.  I really like the design and even the colors in this piece.  Thought it might make a good crop!

Again, nothing really great other than I like the middle and last crop on the right. 

Good for making a stamp....

This was a crop from another small photo I cut from a magazine years ago!  Think the photo is in my journal but you get the idea!

So now to make some stamps from a few of the crops.  I have to go back into that mode of cutting out the foam stamps...a little less work than carving from rubber stamp but who knows what I'll end up doing.  Until then.....

I'm also binding off the 1st Beadkerchief knitted scarf...had to stop and not finish the beaded edges per the pattern because I'm using up the leftover yarn from my lace shawl.  Almost running out again...besides, this was a good practice piece for incorporating beads in a knitted piece. 


  1. You should get some interesting stamps for sure! And it's interesting how the perspective changes in the crops.

  2. You’ve opened my eyes to cropping!! Thank you….

  3. I love your crops. I've been meaning to carve some stamps too.


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