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Monday, June 15, 2020

More drawings...well sorta!

Let's face artist who draws is someone I will never be and that's ok.  I'm fine with tracing and Hilary showed us several ways to do that too!  So hopefully, my future drawings will look more like the 'real' thing! 

Until are some drawings I was playing with - no, obviously they aren't traced!  I only cropped one and I don't have that original picture with it.  At least I have some drawings I can crop and play with. 

I did a crop from a cool circle picture I found from a painting years ago. 

I decided I like leaf drawings/crops and geometric pieces.  At least I'm narrowing down what I like so I may have my theme for our design work later this year!

I did get some more poster board stamped/dyed.  I want to make a book for Amber's 21st BD in August.  I'll put pics from her sonogram to this year pictures on each page!  Hope it works out.  Now to cut into the size I want the book to be!

Painting both sides of the poster board.

Now I'm off to do some tracing!  Feels so good!  HA HA


  1. And so the book begins! Your drawn designs are quite appealing- kudos to you who says she can't draw.

  2. I think your drawings are great! I apparently can't see whatever you think is so awful about them...

  3. You are way too hard on yourself….your drawings look great to me!

  4. It's amazing how cropping improves our work, isn't it?


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