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Monday, June 29, 2020

Another knit project in the books!

Because I had to purchase more yarn to finish my lace shawl, I couldn't see just letting the yarn sit in a, I found a pattern by Laura Nelkin and decided to knit it using the leftover yarn.

Finally finished....although, I stopped short and didn't add all the rows on the pattern, nor did I add the beads when binding off...I was afraid to run out of yarn (again!).

Piece is blocking/drying.

All blocked!  This was a good practice piece for knitting with beads, which I really haven't done before other than a book mark which was super small!
Some of the bead detail

I look like I'm ready to rob a bank!  But I think this will work well under a jacket or blouse or if I do need a mask to rob a bank!  Who knows!

 And now I'm working on another one, which I'll follow the pattern.   You can see the beads that I'll be adding on this scarf.  Nice to work in a different color of yarn!


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