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Saturday, June 13, 2020

Art Group Covid-19 Meeting!

Our Aussome Study Art Group last met on March 9th so we were all anxious to get together again, which we did this past Monday!  We normally meet at the local library in one of their meeting rooms but because the library was still closed we met in their parking lot instead!   We kept our distance...for the most part! 

I asked the ladies if I could share some of what they've been working on since our last's always an inspiration to get together with 'like minds' isn't it!

This is the binding on a journal Carol is working on.  I really like this binding technique.  Very clean and neat looking isn't it.   I forget who this online class is from but hope she can share again!  We were sitting in lawn chairs so no table to write notes on!  HA

These are some of the tabs on the edge of Carol's journal.  Cool!

This is one of the pages Carol has in this journal. Carol works in journals most often and has done some really interesting pages.  I've shared some previously on my blog.  Very talented lady!

This is a silk resist piece Carol did back in 2004!  She is in the process of having a new home built so is going through some of her work.  She also taught us this silk resist process at our former Complex Cloth Group we belonged to several years ago. 

We all forgot about Carol showing us this technique but I found a picture from that night.  You can see Carol two pics (2nd row right and bottom row 1st pic).  Funny how we all forgot about that night!  But it was back in 2004! 

This is a beautiful quilt top Lois Ann is working on! I don't know the exact measurement but it's LARGE!!  At least 3 feet+ x 5ft+.   It's stunning isn't it!!!  Lois Ann is amazing at her watercolor and drawings.  This quilt is aussome!!!

Look at all the foliage pieces she's added! 

This is a close up of a flower!  Just stunning!

This is a watercolor journal page Marty is working on.  She was participating in an online group which would create a journal page weekly (I think!) by different instructors.  Anyway, this is awesome isn't it!

Another watercolor piece by Marty.  They were drawing a dead sunflower vs a blooming sunflower!  I think it's wonderful!

Marty added this page to her journal from a magazine.  The quote is wonderful.

Marty created this Lord's Prayer for her church.  Check out some of the items she used for the words!  I love the 'AMEN' where she used the 'A' from an Aldi grocery store advertisement!  Clever!

And our Mary is making charity quilts for her church.  I think some of this was made from jelly rolls.  These are quite large quilts and her quilting is really nice!!!

And this is the back of the quilt! 

This is another charity Mary made.

And the back!  Once again so cool!!!

I'm so lucky to surround myself with these talented ladies!!!  
Lois Ann, Mary, Carol, Marty and me!  A little windblown!
And hopefully we'll get to meet inside for our July meeting and then go to lunch!!!  Which is always fun too!


  1. How refreshing to get together, even in a parking lot!

  2. How wonderful and how VERY inspiring your group meet up was……and great that you figured out a way to gather!


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