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Saturday, May 2, 2020

Collage and Stamping

So now we're playing around cutting out some of our stamped papers so we can collage in our sketchbooks!  I've had fun, as usual, with the stamping...not so satisfied with some of the overdyeing on my papers (see previous post) but that's ok.  I can always make more, right!

These are some stamped pages I made a few weeks ago that I don't believe I posted.  The arch stamp and tree are ones I carved back in 2009 while taking another online carving class by Dijanne Cevall.  That was another great online class!

The background was using an old foam stamp I stuck to cardboard...the blue leaf is a rubber stamp and the gold leaves are from a stencil printed on top.

Actually the gold/brown was leftover paint from making the paper below!

This turned out pretty good, I think!

Here are three of my collage pages I made yesterday. They were a good starting point.  

This paper is similar to what I cut out for the collage above and below.

I cut out the blue feathers from another stamped layout paper.  Then I cut out the pink feathers from this deli paper and collaged down in my book.

Same with this collage.  I cut out the prints from the layout paper then added pieces of deli paper (bottom left and the white piece in the middle).

All in all, I'm satisfied with these...I may go back and add to them or make some more papers!  Works for me!


  1. This is going to be interesting- really love those feathers.

  2. YES!!! I’d say they def. turned out well!!


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