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Sunday, May 10, 2020

Quarantine Mother's Day 2020

This is one of my most memorable and favorite Mother's Day yet!!  Saturday afternoon the phone rang to a person saying "Grubhub Delivery"!   My 'not so current/hip ' hubby said "what??"  The person then said "look in your driveway!"  And there was my daughter, son and grandson!!!  Delivering food and gifts for Mother's Day!!!! 

My daughter started off handing me a pan of Mushroom quiche, another container of Cinnamon Baked French Toast, a container of strawberries/blueberries, hash brown potatoes, blueberry scones and a hanging basket of Begonia's!

With our Stay at Home, I haven't even thought about getting any flowers so these will be perfect to start our spring planting....when our frost is over with...but that's another post on the weather!

Guess this Quarantine isn't so bad after all is it!!!

Next my grandson handed me yellow tulips and my son handed me a dish of Lasagna Kris (our DIL) made along with a Chocolate Silk Pie!!!!  Then he handed us the welcome sign which is so cute with the dog print as the 'O' in HOME!!!!

The lasagna Kris made was all ready to put in the oven, which I did early!  Bob and I couldn't wait to eat!!!

It was DELICIOUS!!!!  Oh my gosh, the best lasagna we have had!  I normally would put any leftover in the freezer to eat next week but it was so good, we're eating it on Monday again for dinner!!!  With all the food for breakfast tomorrow, I know we won't want a big dinner!  We'll be nibbling all day!

And the Chocolate Silk pie Kris gave us!!!  No, we didn't eat all of it (yet!).  I gave some to was SO good.....

I was so surprised at the kids being so thoughtful but at the same time I'm not surprised!  I feel so fortunate to have the kids and  their spouses that I do have.  They are ALWAYS thinking of ways to help each other in the family, to make someone's day better and just always giving of themselves.  I have tears of joy and pride as I type this post so forgive me but I am busting with pride - or is it  because of all the food!


  1. Kids this great don’t grow up without excellent parenting….you did good!

  2. Wow- they did it up right!! It all looks wonderful and you'll enjoy the flowers for awhile, too.


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