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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Drawing - Not my favorite thing to do!

Those who know me also know I don't like drawing!  I cannot draw...I'm not good at it...nor will I ever.  I've always said I trace so well!  BUT...Hilary (in our online MIP Yr 2 class) has us doing some sketching in this week's lesson from some of the photo's that we like.  Well, guess that's my first problem...I'm not sure what I like or what theme I I am all over the place right now!  HA

But I did give it a go yesterday!  I have some other photos that I will use for my inspiration and hope they'll turn out better than these...but just wanted to share my weak attempts, as I know there are others who feel as I do.  It's still a great exercise and who knows what will come of these.  We'll be cropping and drawing more in the next two weeks!  Fingers crossed!

This was a picture on FB from Visual Cortex.  This is a really cool site and wonderful visual art pictures!!!  Check them out!

This is a photo from  A floral abstract which I really liked...I want to add more to it but for now I think there are areas I can crop for a design.

This is 50's vintage fabric pattern I thought was interesting...but shoot I can't even draw the flowers the way they should!  HA

Oh well...stay safe and stay home!!!


  1. You did well, though. Remember the old saying, practice makes progress!

  2. You can draw very well. I did drawing lessons for 5 years and I felt the same as you. All it takes is more time. You have the illustration now, the next step is to add darks and shading. The trouble we all have is that we don't want to take the time. People who are into drawing spend hours on them. A short drawing is an hour and we expect to achieve perfection in 5 minutes! Great work by the way


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