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Saturday, May 9, 2020

It's Cropping Time!

Here are the results of our lesson this week.  We had to crop from our original drawings....this was fun but I was using the wrong pens then the wrong pencil - although, Hilary did suggest we just use a pen to redraw our crop pics...she said you'll spend more time erasing, which was true!!!  HA HA

This was my original inspiration ....

My 'drawing' on the left and cropping on the right.  These crops were around 3"x6"..the others were 2"x 4".

I didn't want to draw the flower...duh...but I did use the leaf and stems on the left for the next design and crop.

I added the leaf when I did my original drawing.

This was actually from a birthday card for either Bob or I.  I just like the front of the card...good inspiration,right!

And my inspiration drawing on the left and cropping on the right.  Yes, I took a lot of liberty and changed the leaves!  My crop so I can do what I want!  HA 

I really like this abstract leaf picture...

Probably my favorite crop.  Have to say this was a fun exercise to do.  I really enjoy Hilary's online class.  We're working on design and construction this year.  Fingers crossed...still don't know what 'theme' I'm going for!


  1. Cropping makes quite a difference- I like your results

  2. This is cool. It reminds me of illustration class. You are extremely good at this technique.

  3. What a good exercise to see the benefits of zooming in on just part of a design. Love what you’ve done.


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