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Monday, May 25, 2020

Typical "staying home, staying safe" week!

To be honest, I can't say I've felt at all that bad being 'quarantined' in our house!  I'm basically a person who enjoys staying at home so for me, life isn't that much different!  Other than we don't go out to eat once or twice a week!  But I look at it as $$'s we're saving, right!  See, there's always an upside to any situation!

I usually make us breakfast and dinner every day (other than the days we have dinner out) and lately I've just been doing more experimenting with meals...thanks to my daughter who shares some of her great meals with me!!!  Homemade bread is something Bob and I both love!  Fresh bread from the oven or toasted in the morning is so, so good!

This is an easy bread recipe and oh, so good!

This past week, Bob asked me to make his favorite Buttermilk Fried Chicken...this is a wonderful recipe and just delicious!!  It's by Ina Garten on the FoodNetwork web site.  I've made it several times and although it's messy, it is worth the cleanup!!!

I also made Ree Drummond's Roasted Red Pepper Pasta, which is delicious!  It's very easy and makes enough to freeze for another dinner!

It was also my son and Kris' 30th anniversary on May 19th!  I can't believe it's been 30 years!!!!  My baby being married for 30 years!    This was a collage my son put together...he said they'll have to celebrate later with a trip somewhere.

 They would usually go away in May to celebrate and grandma would stay with the 'little ones' (at that time!) and then 'ship' them off to Auntie and Uncle Jeff's for a weekend!  It was always a fun time to stay with the kids.

And some more's been two years since Amber graduated from high school in 2018!

And it's been six years since Ian graduated from high school!
These two are just the best grand kids you could ask for...both such a lady and gentleman...

Let's see...what else have I been up to!  Making some 12"x12" quilts for a challenge due in October...can't show what it is I'm doing...have 1 finished, 2 ready to bind and 2 more that I have to start on from the beginning!  But they'll be done way before October!  I hope!

I do have another knitted project to work on!  This is a really cute little shawl by Laura Nelkin.  My lace shawl was Laura's pattern too. 

This particular shawl has beading worked throughout the bottom area and on the edging.  Not sure I'll put in on the edging but I will definitely knit the beads along the bottom part of the shawl. 

I really like how she made the center pattern!  Isn't it cool!  Well, I think so and that's what's important, right!  HA

You can see some additional pictures here on Ravelry.

I ordered some of the same type yarn Laura used and received it in the mail this past weekend. 
It's a blend of beige colors and as my kids know "mum and Bob love their beige clothes"!  HA

I'm waiting for two different size needles as I didn't have any small enough to work this pattern.  They should arrive this week...then I get to pick some beads to knit in.  Laura uses #6 or #8's and of course I have everything else in my bead stash, right!

So basically, other than cooking, some art work, quilting, cleaning, walking dogs and walking with a neighbor friend this is some of my week!  And speaking about walking!  Check out how many steps I got!  That's the most I've achieved and probably will remain the most...but quite an accomplishment for this 73 yr old! 


  1. I’m curious… you use method 1 or 2…….seems such a short rise period on version 1…..enough to develop flavor? I’ve been making my own bread forever…..usually with the addition of 1/3 cup of sour dough starter for added flavor. Was surprised too about placing bread in cold oven….must try just for the fun of it. Thanks Robbie.

  2. The bread looks sooo good I can almost smell it from here. Good job on the FitBit trail- that's a lot of walking. We are quite content at home, like you. Every outing feels like a safari! I wish I saw more masks when we do go out, but you can't tell people what to do! Clearly!


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