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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Bubbles again!

Since I've been so busy being Betty Crocker I figured today I would be 'Minute Maid' and do some add'l spring/fall cleaning. You would think I learned my lesson back in 2015 but no such luck!  I decided to clean out the whirlpool tub today, which I do a few times a year.  Normally, I just put bleach in a filled tub and run the jets.  Easy, right!  Well, it took a lot more work today...just like back in 2015! 
you may have to enlarge...this was from 2015 and look identical today!

I forgot to rinse the Scrubbing Bubbles from the tub before I added water/bleach and ran the jets...guess what happens!  Yep...BUBBLES!!  Lots of bubbles!!!  You can read my post from 2015 below and today it was identical!   So, I didn't have to take pictures and  I didn't have to panic since I knew how to remove the bubbles!  So here is my post from 2015!  Hope you get a laugh during this 'stay at home' time!  There is humor even in our cleaning, right!

The Key Word being BUBBLES!  - From a post October 10, 2015

Guess it pays to read what we buy, right!

 We have a whirlpool tub in our master bath, which we use every night...just for baths...not for the whirlpool.   Every few months,  I like to use some bleach and cleaner with the 'jets' running to keep it clean.  SOOOOOOOO

This a.m. I sprayed and scrubbed each little jet then filled the tub with water.  When the water level was over the jets I started the whirlpool.  And then I started to clean the shower and rest of the bath......

AND LOOK AT WHAT I SAW WHEN I TURNED AROUND!!!!!  I know it's a little hard to see but the bubbles  almost made it to the top of the tub!!!  Talk about freak out time....for those of you who know my husband you can understand why I between laughing!  OMG!  Fortunately, Bob was busy working on his golf stats in the computer room.  Can you imagine the look on his face if he would have walked in!  The world would have been overrun with bubbles...that would have been his first thought!  He does get freaked easily!

 I knew water was just going to make it worse and not allow the bubbles to go down the drain...So, what to do....GOOGLE of course!!!  "How to get rid of bubbles in a tub!"  Actually, the answer came from a 'hot tub' question of similar circumstances....they couldn't get rid of the bubbles either..although I'd tend to think they were using something other than 'Scrubbing Bubbles'.   Just sayin!

The answer was towels...and lots of them!  Just scoop the bubbles on a towel and squish the towel!
Actually, I ended up only using four bath towels...the bubbles would squish easily.  Although, I can't wait to see what happens when I wash the towels!

 WHEW!  I have to admit I kept laughing and wanted so bad to tell Bob...which I will.  I'll have him read this at some point in time...but until then...make sure you read the label before you start playing Minute Maid.


  1. I thought I was having deja vu as I remembered this misfortune from a few years back. How we entertain ourselves in captivity!

  2. Well I did get a good laugh…..thank you Robbie for the uplifting ditty today!!!

  3. OMG, I would have freaked like your husband! But I'll bet the tub was super clean.


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