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Friday, May 15, 2020

Lace Shawl Finished

 Back in early March, I started this lace shawl pattern (blog post is here).  It was a challenge for me because of some new stitches but also because of using the Portuguese knitting method.  I love, love, love this method of knitting.  With my arthritis, it was always so painful to knit...not so much as I was knitting but then I would stop and the next day.  Fingers/joints hurt so much but now I can knit for hours and nothing!!!!!  Anyway, with the assistance of questions I asked of Andrea Wong and referencing her classes online via Blueprint, I succeeded!  Woohoo

This was back on March 29, 2020 when I started on the edge of the shawl and ran out of yarn!!!  WHAT!!!!  Normally, this wouldn't be a big/panic deal but I only kept the wrapper with the name of the yarn and not the color of yarn!  Do you know how many colors look like this yarn on the web?  I did contact our local yarn shop but she didn't carry the yarn anymore in this colorway.  I finally bit the bullet and thought I'd take a chance and look on line....and found what I thought was, perhaps, the color I needed. at Eat.Sleep.Knit web site.  Figured I could return the skein and order another one!  Luckily, I hit on the right color the first time.  Whew!

I received the yarn about 10 days ago and worked on the scalloped edge last weekend!  Blocked it on Monday this past week and all finished!
Skywalker pattern by Laura Nelkin

I am really quite happy with how it turned out.  Is it perfect?  No, but just like our quilting, you don't let folks look toooooo closely at your work!  HA 

Honestly, any mistakes in the lace pattern are hard to see,  unless you are an expert, or my husband, and there really aren't that many!  I do wish I had purchased yarn in a spring shade, e.g. peach. 

 I'm still happy and now I know what to do for my next lace shawl, which I will do again!!!!


  1. That's a lot bigger than it looked when you showed it before! Very pretty. Good job!


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