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Friday, March 6, 2020

Short Post

Weather has been so good to us this winter!!!  Look!!  Our snow is almost gone in this picture from 3 days, it's all gone!  Girls are enjoying one or two walks a day depending on temperature...but at least one walk a day! 

And my latest knitting project, a lace shawl!   The yarn is so soft and when it's blocked, you'll see the lace pattern even more. 

I love the Portuguese knitting method which I learned via YouTube's by Andrea Wong.  But sometimes, I can't figure out the stitches because of the way we hold and 'flick' our yarn.  It's similar to Continental but different! 

I had this same issue with picking up stitches for Rilynn's pinafore.  But Andrea was gracious enough to do a YouTube  on picking up and knitting stitches!  Which made it simple!  DUH!

So now I'm playing with some practice yarn to see what Portuguese stitches I can use to replace the simple: 'K3, yo, sl2, k1, p2sso, yo, k2' for an eight  repeat!   

The way we knit the  Portuguese 'yo' and where our yarn can be placed is what's causing me fits...I readers don't care about this but I keep trying to say it out loud and even typing it makes me try to figure it out! 

And look who turned 8 months old!!! 

Rilynn is such a sweetheart!  Just wish they lived closer!  Hard to get Bob to go more than 30 miles anywhere!  Wait!!!  That's me too!  HA  But I would travel to Ohio to see this little one!  She's with her bff, Boscoe! 

Growing up way too fast!  And bragging on Amber who made the Dean's List (College sophomore) and Nick (HS Junior), who had 2 A's and 4 B+ this report term.  He's also in Advanced classes.  So proud of all our kids and grands!!!


  1. Lovely pictures of you little. Corey sends pictures or vids almost everyday. It's disappointing if his day is busy and doesn't send one. Living far away is really hard, isn't it. Terry and I hardly ever go out. unless it's for some medical visit or appointment. Walmart is just down the road. We used to go to the bigger one across town but rarely do. But the weather is better now. We had a mild winter too. we saved a lot on the heat bill this year.
    xx, Carol


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