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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Needed a break!

 My break isn't from the 'stay at home' order but break from my knitting...I may not have enough yarn to finish!!!!  YIKES...I'm in the process of measuring how many yards I'll need for 454 stitches for 4 rows of knitting then the addition of knitting 24 more rows of the Nova edging of an addition 320 stitches!  I's a lot of math isn't it! 

So for my "break"...I watched Design Matters TV's workshop on coloring thread after stitching.  Laura Kemshall has shown different  techniques (e.g. applying textile paint) after quilting. I've used some of these in my own art work.  This is one such piece that I applied white acrylic paint after all the stitching and even the addition of the metal discs.

This latest workshop, Laura is using disperse dyes to color a quilted piece!  Who knew!  Not me that's for sure!  I've used disperse powder dyes before but because you can't use on cotton and only on poly/synthenic fabrics, I haven't done much more with them.  You can see some of my posts here from 2012 and here from 2015.  

So, I dug out some of the old papers I had painted with the dyes!  That is one nice advantage of the painted papers...even though they are old they still work great! 

Next up to grab some older quilted/practice pieces to color!  This was my first piece and I was a little hesitate but still you can see the before (left) and the addition of the coloring on the right.  No bad and gave a little color to the upper left area.

You can see where I got more daring with each piece...this was a sheet of red dye. 

This was a sunprinted piece one of my friends did quite some time ago that I  quilted (I used the rest of this piece as background for my beaded blue squirrel).   I really like the addition of the orange on top of the green.

Well, they can't all be a success can they!  HA  I haven't been happy with this background for my beaded bird so I thought "why not".  I'll just cut him out of this piece and create another background. 

All in all I'm happy with using the disperse dye application.  Just another technique to put in our textile tool box!

Now back to counting stitches and yarn!


  1. I've never used disperse dyes, but I love your after photos and may have to explore it.

  2. Very good use of disperse dyes……oh what fun!


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