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Monday, March 23, 2020

Keeping busy!

I won't even mention the pandemic that's is with us...too much of it on the will just show what I've been working on!!!
I'm getting quite a bit of spring cleaning done, as I'm sure most women are at this time!  But I am working away on my knitted lace!!!  This is the project from hell!  Yes, HELL! 
Although, I am learning quite a bit...when you are doing regular knitting, if you drop a stitch, no big deal, right!  But in the lace's a major issue, at least for me!  Who knows that dropped YO (yarn over) from a dropped SSK, PSSO (slip, slip, knit, pass slipped stitch over!)...UGH!!!

I have ripped out more rows of stitching in this one project than I have in 10 of my previous projects!  BUT, I will survive!!!  I will finish if it drives me crazy!  HA  It's hard to see all the knitted patterns because it's on smaller circular needles but it will be very pretty once it's blocked...if I can finish before the snow falls!

BUT, all the pieces are ready to assemble on my woodpecker quilt!!!  WOOHOO...I've painted all the edges of the tree, limbs, beaded feet and beaded woodpecker! 

Actually, I've been working mainly on the knitting project, so my woodpecker quilt has taken a back burner.  I'm still on target to finish by March 30!  HA

He's all finished!  Finally...well, except for his beak which I'll finish beading once I attach to the quilt!

I have the placement of the limbs and woodpecker, just need to put down my knitting needles so I can get back to quilting!  That may happen...or may not!


  1. The lace is lovely, but I see it's crazy-making, too. Egad. Ripping out is a dirty word. The woodpecker is going to be just amazing! You have worked out all the details so beautifully.

  2. I can count on you for doses of inspiration!!! Thank you….


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