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Monday, March 16, 2020

Book Reviews

I listen to books via my IPOD (after downloading from the library) or I read  a 'real' book in bed at night while Bob watches the news (which we tape...ugh)...anyway, I've read a few really good reads lately and wanted to pass them on! 

Etched in Sand and Girl Unbroken are books written by two sisters on their life with their alcoholic and abusive mother.  Yes, at times when I first started reading Etched in Sand, I was going to stop reading, as some areas were just awful....but the book is well written and Regina Calcaterra was such a strong young lady and, now, a productive member of society. 

Regina wrote this book first and was finally able to encourage her sister to write her own story.

Once again Girl Unbroken is just as hard to read but I am glad to say I finished both of them.  These two women are amazing!!!

Jan's story is another sad but well written read and gives you more insight to the devastation that Alzheimer's can cause to the patient and to the caregiver.  You will most likely recognize this reporter from several news stories/journalizing he has done for major networks.  I remember on 48 Hours or one of those shows, he did an entire segment on his wife and when she was in the nursing home. 

I'm not sure on what's up with all the sad books I'm reading lately! 

I am a huge fan of Preston & Child's 'Pendergast' character in their novels!  This was another good read from them and since mystery novels are my favorite it was a nice change from all the depressive reads!  HA

I'm a few books behind in reading all of their novels but now that I've read all the other depressing books on my list, I should be able to get back to Pendergast!!


  1. I can't read sad books, especially on these subjects. Probably because of my own childhood. I admire those who write about their lives and possibly it helps them through it all. I'm more of a tamp it down and lock it away kind of person.

    My grandson gave me an Ipod when they first came out. I recently came across it and have been thinking I should download a book to it.
    xx, Carol

  2. I really enjoy recorded books, too. I get some from Audible. Will look into the mystery series you noted. I do like a mystery. Have you read/listened to the Louise Penny Inspector Gamache series? I just discovered them and have enjoyed books 1 & 2.

  3. I don't read sad or violent books. I had to drop out of book club after other members kept picking really depressing war books, and it was winter in Washington with rain and dark all the time! Now I mainly read my cozy mysteries and love them.

  4. I did read Etched in Sand and it was so sad but a wonderfully written story....will check into the book written by the author's sister...I do love your recommendations...I'm not familiar with the Preston and Child series but will look into it.


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