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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

QA Stitch by Stitch Reader Challenge

Along with 20 others, I was lucky enough to be published in the April/May 2020 Quilting Arts magazine for their Stitch by Stitch challenge! 

I love any type of hand work, so this was an easy challenge for me!  It was based on their fall issue (Oct/Nov 2020) article by Liz Kettle and how hand stitching is such a great way to meditate!  At least, hand stitching fills that bill for me.

This is the page showing my three (blue) 4" squares.  I can't read the label on the bottom squares...guess you could enhance to 200%!

And closeups of my squares.

The background was stamped with my cardboard stamp block I made several years ago, which is slowly wasting away!  I'll have to make another one soon!

Just hand embroidery...wrapping yarns around straight stitching...

Well, of course, I had to add some beading, right!  This is from Margaret Ball's book, Embeadery, which I have mentioned on my blog often.  I love this book!!!  I bought it years ago and it's my 'go to' book for beading ideas!

Simple hand stitching and trying to enhance the
lines from the stamp. 

One of my friends sent me this page from a lady in their Design Works group that meets monthly. Her name is Pat Thompson from  Brighton, Michigan and these are her squares.    She did a  nice job and looks like she may have used some b/w shibori fabric but even with enhancing the picture I can't read it clearly!  I really like b/w work and this is nicely done!

I haven't received the issue of the QA magazine so I can't share any other pics.  We are still hunkered down!  Off to grocery store today or Friday!  Actually, I only need to go to the store to check on the 99% ground turkey I buy for my dogs!  I make their food to help Kalee with her health I'm really concerned that I can't find the ground turkey!  Fingers crossed that they'll have some in neighbor found me 2 lbs. last week....let's hope I can get at least two more!  I'll trade
 toilet paper for ground turkey!  Any takers???


  1. I just looked at my magazine this morning! Congrats on your awesome inclusion. Your work is always lovely.

  2. Your issue should be coming soon- mine arrived last week. It's a good layout and all of the pieces are inspiring. Stay well. We are being compliant here, too.

  3. Congrats again! Shelter in Place is not effecting us much. We stay in much of the time anyway. BUT the weather could be warmer and dryer. Guess that must be too much to hope for.
    xx, Carol


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