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Sunday, March 1, 2020

Playing with papers

With all the sorting we have been doing in Hilary's MIP class, we are finding papers that just 'need more' to make them useable.  So I played this weekend trying to do just that!  For the most part, I had success.  Here are a few of my efforts to enhance some of my papers!

I'm not really finished with this piece and the photos are flipped..but I think that's obvious!  The before is on the right!

Once I got started on this piece above I couldn't stop...and I should I think they look like fish, if I turn them on their side!  HA

I was using Intense Blocks and some Neocolor crayons.

This one was simple...just a quick overdye but I think it needs some texture so perhaps some rubbings or stencils.

Oops...another one that I flipped...this is on fabric.  You can see how bland the piece on the right is.   Out came my glass plate and some black Setacolor to do a mono print!  I really like this piece.

The piece on the left was made using pastels and screen printing on paper!  I didn't care for my drawing...obviously! again I just did a mono print!  I love this one now!

Yep...I was going crazy with mono printing but it really worked!  The piece on the left was one the MIP group thought the little guy on the bottom left was a hippo (I think that's what they thought!). 
Anyway, isn't the piece on the right so much better!!!!

These are just a few other pieces I did...I didn't take  before pics...the 1st piece paper is similar in feel to deli paper.  It's larger than my deli papers but I don't remember where I got this from.  The pastel colors on the bottom were from using it as a 'wipe up' paper! 
Middle one was just a pale painted sheet...and the 3rd is a rubbing but I don't remember what I was using to rub with!

This was a fun exercise to to "enhance" more papers!!  Our 2nd year starts in April and we'll be focusing on composition and design work.


  1. This is all so darn inspirational….tx’s for sharing!

  2. Is that a stencil you are using on the mono printing? It adds so much interest to the pieces!

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