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Thursday, February 27, 2020

Glad this project is finished!

Our little Rilynn!!
Geezz...I'm pretty much a self taught knitter.  Yes, I've taken a few online classes through Blueprint (Sally Melville & Andrea Wong (Portuguese Knitting) but otherwise, I've been  self taught.  Up until this Pinafore (for our great grand daughter,  isn't she a cutie!), my projects have come out great!  Or at least I've been happy with them and wear what I knitted.  But I hit a snag with this project.

I honestly couldn't remember how to pick up and knit stitches using the Portuguese knitting method.  I was lucky enough to have Andrea Wong post a YouTube how to do this simple step.  Honestly, I couldn't even remember how to hold my yarn and needles the 'old' way and kept getting my yarn just not in the right spot with the Portuguese.  But, Andrea did a great job explaining so that took care of  one problem.  And, yes, I felt dumb seeing how easy it was!

Next up, I wasn't very careful on storing the half finished knitted piece...hence, I did get quite a few snags/mini holes, which I tried to repair.  Hoping when I block it, they will fall into place!  I'm sure when Rilynn wears it, she'll create some of her own, which is fine.  It's meant to be worn, right!

Lastly, I couldn't figure out how to pick up the stitches around the armhole, which is one piece...using my circular needles it just wasn't cutting it!  I couldn't make it around the armhole!   I finally reread the instructions, where it said "using double pointed needles, pick up 54 stitches".  Hmmmmmm  OK, so I get out two double pointed needles and tried to pick up way was this going to happen.

FINALLY, I read the material list again  and guess what!  They said "set of size #3 double pointed needles"....double pointed!  Really!  I have no idea why but I JUST happen to have a set of double pointed needles (set of 4!)  My next delima was how to use them.  I have never made socks and I don't know why I even had a set of double pointed needles (even in the correct size!) but there they off to google how to use the buggers!

Well, I know for sure I won't ever make socks!  I felt like I had three or even four hands!  Yikes!  This was  not fun and more frustrating.  I don't know the number of times I ripped out picking up stitches around each armhole!  But I finally got into the swing of it!  Separating the 54 stitches to 3 needles!  DUH!


But it's done...well, almost.  I need three buttons for the back closure and guess what!  I could only find one pink button, in the right size , in my button box!  All those buttons and only one pink button!!!

To tell the truth, I'm almost tempted to remake this pinafore....almost...I purchased yarn to make a shawl last fall at the same time I purchased the yarn for the I really want to make the shawl - for myself!  Who knows...I'm not big on making children's knitted clothes because they grow out of them so fast.  So guess I'll be selfish and just make my shawl!  And I won't be using double pointed needles!


  1. Well I sure don't know anything about knitting except knit and purl and I'm pretty sure I never will. That little pinafore is so darned cute but I'm with you...a lot of work for about 6 months wear. I'll probably stick to fabric for my new little one due in 3 weeks. A GIRL!! Can't wait to move out there.
    xx, Carol

  2. Well, it certainly sounds like it was challenging, but the pinafore is adorable and I'm sure will be worn and loved regardless of how long.

  3. That's adorable, and so is she! She's standing and ready to be mobile already? yikes- time flies by.


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