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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Still sorting papers!

 I've mentioned in previous post(s) how we are sorting  our papers  from Hilary's online class.  Seems pretty easy, is or I guess I'm getting better at sorting.   First sort by color, but then once you've sorted your papers where do you put them!!! 

I had my papers stored in this tote, which is about 3ft long and about 1.5ft wide.  It's pretty deep and so far all my papers fit BUT once I sorted them...then started to work on a project...before I knew it they were all messed up again!!!  Doesn't work for this Type A person.  I like some organization in my life and in my artwork products/medium/etc.!

I was asking in our online group how others were handling this and a few sorted and put into folders, some wrap a sleeve type folder around each sorted section, etc.  I was actually taking a section of newspaper to hold each of my color papers...but I wasn't happy with that either.

While cleaning/sorting my papers and getting my table set up to do more work,  I found these clear plastic/acid free bags -  13"x19"package of 25  (ClearBags Seal Top Closure from Amazon).  When working on my DIL's genealogy book, her mom had several valuable documents (wedding, christening, etc.) from Germany.  They were beautiful but she had them rolled up and I wanted to protect them.  These bags worked great to store her documents in.  They were a perfect size for her documents and guess what!  Perfect size for my papers!!! 

I forgot I even had them  since I stored them  next to my poster board that I lay on my table when working with paints.  I only used 3 of them for the documents and the package contained 25!  So glad I found them!!!!

So now each color section of my papers are in their own sleeve...which makes it so easy to pick up and work with!  Keeps them nice and neat and keeps them sorted!

Hard to see above....but the papers are in bags!  Woo hoo!

Next, we  sort by 'features' - those papers that can stand on their own as a 'whole' piece to stitch or cut out certain items for them to be the 'star' or main focus in a quilt. 

But notice something....yes, they look cool but they need something more, don't they!  By "something more", more definition or overdyeing to color in the white, etc.

So that's also a sort within a sort for our features!  These pieces (along with quite a few others!) will be a separate bag for me to work on.

This oval screen print paper is cool and will make a great piece to use as a whole piece but there's too much white around the edges. 

There's only so much we can do with thread, right!  I may just add thicken dyes around the edges or even Intense block pastels. 

Background pieces are just that..pieces that can be used for a background or cut up to use in a  patchwork  piece or in abstract collage work.  Same with feature pieces that 'need more'....This will make a good background piece or used in patchwork/collage but, again, too much white so it might need some over dyeing or addition of pencils or pastels or whatever!

Same with this piece.  I don't see it being used as a feature piece but it could be cut up in strips or even circles but still needs to be overdyed for sure and who knows what else!

And you all thought I was just playing around in our class!  I sure am learning so much....and now I get to 'play around' some more by trying to figure out what to do with my sorted stack of 'needs more'! 

Stay tuned!  This could be interesting or could be a disaster!  But then I'll just have to stencil/mono print/stamp/dye/etc. more papers!  Guess that's not all bad! 


  1. You've got some beauties for sure! It's just fun sorting. Your storage is an excellent solution. Can't wait to see where all this is going.

  2. there is one thing that is certain, organization is everything no matter what project you are working on. Your papers are beautiful.
    xx, Carol

  3. I was inspired by your idea of adding some dye to the white spaces and went to my supply of papers and remembered that I decided to clean up one day and threw them out! I'll keep them in future.


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