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Saturday, February 1, 2020

this and that time (again!)

I'm a tad late in showing birthday items...but wanted to share (before I forgot again!).  I received this for my birthday from our DIL (Bob's son's wife) in Indiana.  I couldn't imagine what it was when I first saw the box...but how cool is this!!!  Thanks so much MaryJo!!

I'm adding the link to the Greetabl web site here.  I think this is such a unique and fun gift to receive!!!

A bath bomb was inside!!

You peel open both sides and surprise!

And look at all the pictures inside the box!!!  How much fun!!!  And a keeper for sure!

I posted a pic of the wonderful cards I received for my BD, but wanted to showcase one of my Blog Buds work!  How clever is this card!  It's from Sherry E. from Createology!  Sherry creates so many unique items and I have been a fortunate recipient of her art over the years.  I may have to steal your idea, Sherry, for future birthday's!   Thank you again, Sherry,  for  sharing your creativity with me!

This past week I started the quilting for the woodpecker's background piece.

And it's finished!  Woohoo!!!  The green really looks pale in this's prettier in person.  This is a hand dyed cotton sateen, which is my favorite fabric to dye. 

Now to get working on the tree itself.  I know I'll go through several renditions for the tree...that's just me!  HA

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  1. That's a clever gift package! I love the quilting you did. You are fast!


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