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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Background progress

I've been playing around with some ideas trying to decide on the background for my woodpecker project. 

I found this hand dyed green fabric, which I think will work out well.  I sandwiched the fabric today and will do overall quilting before I add the tree and woodpecker.  This piece is really very bright green in person.  The original picture has green in the background (you'll see the picture below)

Next up, it's  how to create the tree with all those woodpecker holes!  HA  I thought I would try to use painted Tyvek and burn holes....that idea was good in my head but didn't quite work on to the next idea!

Trying to find a fabric to match the tree in the picture we're using for our inspiration was difficult.  I pulled lots of hand dyed browns and batiks but finally decided on a gray, commercial fabric that I thought had the perfect tree pattern...but wrong color....

So, I pulled out my Transparent Setacolor paints (Ochre, orange and yellows) and went to painting the fabric!

Didn't turn out too bad for a practice piece but now to create those holes this woodpecker made in the tree! 

Out came the scissors and cutting holes in the painted tree fabric. 

I had a screen print from this past summer that I thought might look decent under the tree fabric. 

So here's my start for the tree.....

I think it might work out.......I have a long way to go...quilting background, stitching the tree...adding color where needed, beading woodpeckers feet!, attaching the woodpecker....lots to do!  But it's going to be a long, long what else am I doing....well.......


  1. Oh my gosh- you did it! These are great choices. And your imaginative brain really went to work to get the right look. Good job.

  2. I think your tree fabric is fabulous


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