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Saturday, January 11, 2020

Cardinal Progress

It's been a busy week with non-art work but I'm trying to get on with the hand embroidery for  my beaded cardinal patchwork piece.  It's coming along!

He looks plain now!  So glad I didn't just  put this piece in a frame or add a facing or small border.  Plus,  this is a lot more fun!

The top embroidery may look crooked but I'm adding small branches off each curve on the top and bottom borders.

The side will just have a single embroidery branch.

One of my role model/mentors, Kay S. (Quilts+Color) suggested I add some beads to pull in the beaded  bird!  I didn't even think about adding beads but what a great suggestion!!!   I have some ideas on where I'll be adding them!  Thanks, Kay!!!

We are expected to have a severe ice/snow storm starting at 4 a.m. on Saturday...which is to last until Sunday along with winds, so they are predicting power outages!  Guess I forgot what a Michigan winter is like.  Keeping our fingers crossed it's not as bad as they are predicting.  But if they are, I have my coffee, wine and lots of hand work to keep me busy!


  1. Stay in, stay warm, and keep stitching. This piece is coming together so beautifully! Those reds are just perfect to make Mr. Cardinal a stand out.

  2. He's starting to look really good, I love the fabrics that you have put around him.


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