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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Woodpecker Progress

I posted on the woodpecker project back in September.  You can read about it here.  Well, my woodpecker is now about 90% beaded.  I have areas that I leave 'open' until the time I add it to a quilted background.  I am really excited about finishing this project but have to be patient because now the hard work starts!  I have to make that background. 

Here is the photo I'm working from and need to replicate!

And how far I am now!   I leave some of the fabric on until I attach to the quilted background, then I'll cut the excess away.  I'll finish his tail feathers once 'he' is added to the quilted background. 

And here's where I started!

And here's where I ended up yesterday!

This  is an animation for the process as I was beading.

Now to get working on the background, as well as finish the hand embroidery on my cardinal piece!

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  1. He's quite grand! Do you have fabrics in mind for the tree? It's an interesting texture. Is it pine? It looks like it and yet not somehow.


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