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Monday, January 6, 2020


I made progress on my beaded cardinal/patchwork quilt this weekend.  I'm happy with how the addition of the patchwork looks with the bird.  It measures around 19" x 25"  and I still have to finish stitching in the ditch and adding handwork/embroidery.  That's the fun part!!  Not sure how I will finish the edges......facing, binding or inserting a cording/facing using Sarah Ann Smith's method, which I love!  You can see one of the pieces I used her technique on here.

Next I need to create some patchwork for the 2nd beaded bird.   I'm thinking of using browns/blue/turquoise  to brighten up the piece...but may change my mind!

As I was thinking about what to use with this little guy...I found a patchwork piece my daughter made several years ago.  She gifted me most of her fabric and tops, which I've posted about.  For fun, I laid the little bird piece on top of it!  Who knows...I might have to go into some of the other pieces of fabric or tops my daughter gave me!
I'm making progress on my woodpecker..although, at times it seems no progress.

Football wild card time so we had lots of football to watch and I could bead....well, I tried to bead!  Hard to bead with two dogs laying on either side of me!!!  Guess I wouldn't change anything!  Just love those little girls!


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