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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Pop Art Challenge - An Andy Warhol Wanna BeAD!

Because this time of year is my really busy time...I finished my Pop Art challenge piece in October!  I almost forgot to post it!   This was fun to work on.  It's 11.5" x 16" and stamped, free motion quilted, yarn for facing/binding and beaded, of course!

I actually found the background fabric first in my stash.  Next I used some face stencils from Mary Shaw's site and stenciled with blue acrylic paint.   A buddy in Florida, Beth, had used similar stencil(s) on some of her pieces and I just loved the faces she ended up with.

After I did some free motion quilting, I started beading!

Fun piece to work on!  

I also finished off the 'facing/binding' by using yarn I couched down.  I like this finish which is a technique by Sarah Ann Smith..I also used it on my Steampunk quilt.  Sarah did an episode on QATV showing different finishing techniques.  I believe it was episode 2007.  Really a good one to watch!

And now to prepare for Christmas and our trip south!!!  Next challenge from the Art Quilts Around the World due January 31, 2018.  Check out the other art works for Pop Art from our members!  


  1. You create the most marvelous variety of art! I love this piece, maybe you will inspire me to start beading again. I still have all my beads, enough for the rest of my life. Glad you didn't forget to post this.

  2. The beads really add some great texture to your quilt and I love the couched edging, I'll have to find that episode on QATV. Thanks

  3. This is so great! I am signed up for a class with Jane Davela in November of next year where we will lear 20 different edge finishes. I a, hoping to add some to my tool box for sure.

  4. Are those beaded dreads? Whatever you were going for, it LOVE this technique. The is a great piece with lots to look at.
    xx, Carol

  5. It's POP all right- wow, I love the beading you did for the hair. That's a ton of work. The yarn edging is just the right finish. Well done, as always.

  6. Your eye for art with fabrics and stencils and FMQ and beads is stellar! This piece is definitely POP Art. Stunning and Striking Robbie Dear...<3


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