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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Productive weekend!

I had some errands to run on Friday and also received my first Prolia injection for my osteoporosis!  When I got home, I started back on my SIL, Jeff's, quillow for Christmas. I finished quilting the pillow section and just need to trim and edge stitch it.
Saturday I ironed about 5 yards of fabric (2.5 each front and back) to get ready to sandwich for the quillow.  Cut the batting and stitched the pieces all around, with the exception of about 12" so I can turn the fabrics.  You make the so called quilt envelope style, which is pretty easy...just cumbersome! 

Now I just need to attach the pillow flap and it will be finished!  Woohoo!  One more project I can check off my list! 

In between sewing, I made some dinner buns from a free class  by Jeff Yankellow that was offered a week ago on  My bud, Carol, sent me an email (which I already had but didn't read!) on this class being free.  I'm so glad she did as the recipe was delicious and the lessons are so interesting.  I just made the first recipe but I believe there are at least 3 or 4 different recipes for buns. 

This was my dough rising and some more buns that  just came out of the oven! 

They were delicious!!!!    I usually make my own biscuits but these are way better!!!
I also made cheese chowder soup to go with the rolls, which turned out perfectly.  The rolls and soup! were great!!!  I'm thinking I may even have a roll for breakfast today! 

And you thought all I did was drink wine or margaritas!  I am Suzie Homemaker at my root!  HA


  1. First….I love the design on the quillo! Secondly, your very succesfully looking recipes are making me hungry so early on a Sunday morning….AND…..I’m so happy for you that the obstacles of getting Prolia have been overcome. I’m into the 4th year of injections and it’s THE ONLY medication that has shown some signs of working for my osteoporosis after 20 + years of trying every one on the market! My next one will be this Wednesday...

  2. Soup and homemade rolls- the perfect cold weather dinner! Hope you find the med gives you relief. I see that Mary recommends it, so that's encouraging. I really like the geometric look and quilting on the quillow. Almost done-yay.

  3. You DID have a productive weekend. It feels good doesn’t it? Your rolls look REALLY good as does the soup.

  4. Those rolls and chowder look yummy! I hope you have good results with the new medicine.

  5. Hello Robbie Homemaker! Your baked goods look delicious and this chilly weather is perfect for soup and rolls. Love the quillow and you are very smart to be making holiday gifts. I am terribly behind this year and I shall continue to blame it all on our hone being listed! DRAT!!

  6. Getting hungry after reading your post! I see you have been busy as always. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I've got to get back in the blogging habit which includes visiting my old favorites. Do you have two dogs now? What sweeties!

  7. Yum, yum yum, yum, yum....nothing better than the smell, love the taste...If I lived know I would be knocking on your door.


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