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Monday, November 13, 2017

Leaf Diary Addition

Not much work being done on my leaf will be heading to Florida with me.  But I did find a piece that I may include in the leaf diary! 

This piece was painted on fabric by my bud, Joan.  Back in 2013, Joan came to the house to play with painting on fabric.  Joan is a beautiful watercolor artist but she has never painted on fabric, so I thought it would be fun for her and I knew she would do a wonderful job.  And she didn't disappoint me!  I know she's so talented and you can just take a look at this picture and read the blog post to see her results and her talent! 

Joan ended up giving me the first flower she painted and I ended up making her a snap bag from it.
 The back of the snap bag.

You can read that blog post here.  So, why am I telling you about Joan?  Well, she took home some paints and fabric that same year and she made another flower, which she gave me!

 Go figure! I was going through my stash and I found this piece and I think I might put it in my leaf diary!  It could be the last page to show 'spring' is coming!  Most of my leaves are representing fall!  Just a thought!  After all, Joan doesn't need another snap bag!  HA's going in my diary!   Just too  pretty not to use somewhere!


  1. It is a pretty painting. The leaf book is probably a good one to travel with- right size, enough variety to keep you interested, and one you can make good progress on over the winter months. Plus, a few new leaves to include.

  2. Joan’s fabric painted flowers are lovely. How sweet of you to make her flower into a snap bag. I love my snap bag and use it for small purse size projects. Definitely keep the rose for your leaf diary and for the hope of Spring to come...Stunning. <3

  3. I love those little snap bags and yours is especially lovely. maybe you can make one for yourself from the rose painted fabric. You probably already have a dozen.
    You asked about that picture on my blog showing my dog looking at....what? It is a automatic watering trough for a cow. the cow can push her nose on the thing that actually looks a little like a cow nose, and water will flow into the trough below. Just enough for that one cow to drink. this one isn't actually hooked up though. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Always fun to catch up.


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