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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Another week almost over!

Well, we're getting some cooler, or down right cold, weather here in Michigan.  But that's to be is November after all!  Although, last year on November 1st, it was 76 degrees and we were at a football game to watch Nick play!  Not so November 1st this year!  It's 41 degrees as I write this post!  Brrrrrrrrr

Kalee had a really nice day on Halloween visiting with the residents at our local nursing home and the memory care unit.  Patients loved her Minnie Mouse outfit...Kalle not so much...but when she would walk up to the residents they really got a good laugh. 
 The story behind the picture above....this resident's daughter surprised him by flying in from California and dressing up as a witch.  She said he didn't even recognize her! How sweet is that!!  I did print out two pictures for him (one for her and one for him) and delivered those yesterday.  He was really surprised and so happy to have the pictures.  I thought that was so sweet of his daughter to surprise him that way!

Gigi dressed up for the trick or treaters!!!  But she did have to stay in her crate when kids came to the door.  Kalee had on her Lion's cheerleader outfit but I forgot to take her picture! 

I have been doing some sewing....finished two of the leaves on my solar print piece for the leaf diary. 

And I made the pillow flap for the quillow I'm working on for a Christmas present for my SIL!  The one I made him several years ago is starting to wear out.  My daughter told me he would love a new one as he uses the quillow a lot during cooler/cold weather.  The background color is pale blue and the batik's are actually navy.  Looks black in the photos.

Now I need to sandwich this 'pocket' and quilt it then sandwich 2.5 yards of the two different fabrics with batting, sew on the flap and quillow will be finished!  WooHoo...might get this finished by the end of this weekend.  At least that's my plan!

Several years ago, when I was still working, a few of we 'EDS'er' made several quillows and donated them to Outreach East.  At the time, Sister Rita was still running this organization and she decided to save the quillows we made to hand out at Christmas.  I hope those folks still enjoy theirs and they haven't fallen apart like my SIL's!  HA

Yesterday, I took the girls for a ride to run some errands.  Gigi rides in her crate and Kalee has her dog harness.  They both can look out the window and it gets them out of the house.  We did take a small walk after the Rite Aid stop but it was so cold I didn't walk far!  Then I spent some time knitting and trying to catch up on some of my shows on TV!  Just not enough time in the day is there!


  1. Just have to give you kuddos for your dedication to the memory care patients…….such a loving commitment!!

  2. I saw the witch picture in my blog roll and thought WOW, what a great costume. I don't even recognize Robbie. It wasn't even you, lol! Such a great surprise for this man. The dogs are so cute. I tried to put a sweater on Harley but he won't have anything to do with it. Thanks for that Quillow link. There is a lot of great info on that site!!
    xx, Carol

  3. Your visits to the nursing care home must be an absolute highlight for so many of the residents. I'm sure missing the companionship of pets is one of the sacrifices of living in a facility- and now they have a sweet little visitor who is so glad to see them! Quillows- I'f forgotten about them and what a great gift they are. It's nice to know his was loved to tatters, so making a new one is a pleasure. I like the bold pattern. You and your travel gang in FL might want to plan a day trip to St. Augustine before January if possible. Check out my blog to see why!

  4. CAAWS does Pet touch Therapy. So important to those patients. so glad you do that.

  5. Bless you and Kalee for visiting Memory Care residents. Love the costumes. Your Solar Leaves are gorgeous. This Leaf Diary will be stunning. Now our days will seem even shorter with less sunshine. I am not a fan of Winter or COLD...Brrrrrrr. Warm Cozy Cocoa...<3

  6. Gigi and Kalee would bring a smile to anyone's face...! What a lovely time for the memory care patients.


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