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Monday, October 30, 2017

Fabric Art Diary - Part 3

In between my normal day 'duties' and working on Christmas projects, I still found some time to work on my art diary.   I won't get much done on these this next week as I need to work on a 'quillow' for Christmas as well as another major project.  But it's good to have some hand work to grab if I have some free time at night!  Here's my progress so far.

The background green in this picture is pretty true.   The next picture doesn't really do the 'page' and justice.  Colors are really vivid and the shading is darker.

In this picture I did some additional shading using Neocolor metallic crayons.

This is before and after I finished quilting and adding shading with dots!

This is a solar fast print I did a few years ago.   I'm adding hand stitching rather than machine free motion quilting.

I am working on this at night if I'm not wrapped up in a movie, show or football! 

I  finished quilting this leaves in this one  and the next picture but need to add some additional stitching, beads, shading or something! 

Love the colors in this piece and the large leaf on the orange/yellow background. 

Having fun with these but have a long way to go.  Once the quilting, embellishments and shading are added, then I need to trim and bind each  page.  I'm thinking of binding in a dark navy but not sure.  I am extremely fond of black/white fabric so I may live on the edge if I can find perhaps a navy and white wild fabric!  Who knows!


  1. So very inspiring Robbie…….I vote for black and white…..go wild!!

  2. These leaves are just stunning. I look forward to see what you are playing with and these surely MUST be all that you expected.
    xx, Carol

  3. Gorgeous leaves and fabrics for your art book pages. I also love black and white! Enjoy your process as you create magic dear! <3

  4. This is amazing! I had no idea it would look so fabulous.

  5. You've gotten so much done already! Impressive. This is going to be a wonderful fiber art book. I'm with the others- audition some black and white for binding!