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Monday, October 23, 2017

Hex Project

I've been able to work on another project in between my 'due date projects'!  Not sure what I'll be doing with these hex's but you have to start somewhere!  This was my initial thought...mimic the fabric/shading.  This is the fabric that I'm cutting up to make 5/8" hex pieces with.

Then back in September I laid out some of the hex pieces...OK, nothing earth shattering but I love hex's so much I just want to sew them together!  Patience...just keep making them!

So while sewing the paper template to the fabric, I got thinking about the color....only because I get bored easily working in one colorway.  Also, it needed not add some orange!  Yep...I like that idea!   So I went in my stash and cut some strips to cut into hex shapes.  So that's what I did this weekend.  I love the bright orange with the turquoise.

While I was trying to find different shades of orange, I came across these Solar Fast pieces I dyed a year or two (who really knows when!) ago.

So now my thought is to use these squares (although they aren't really square!) and have the hex pieces around them!   So that's the plan!

This might be a good project for Florida since it won't take up a lot of room...and I can purchase any additional fabric if need be (field trip, Susan?).  This year I'll be working on Amber's T-shirt quilt for her senior graduation so I need something small or a project that I can do hand work while sitting out on the lanai this winter.  But we'll see!!!  Until then, I'll keep making hex's in between my other projects. 


  1. Oh boy…..I can’t wait to see what direction this project takes……knowing it will be wonderful in your capable hands!!

  2. That is a whole lot of hexies! This will be interesting.

  3. You know how I love hexies too—and, orange! You can’t go wrong with orange. I’m even having some shoes made that are red, orange, turquoise, and yellow. Can’t wait to get them. Looking forward to seeing how you use these hexies.

  4. While I was away visiting family I missed reading your posts so I am reviewing. WOW!!! You really do stay busy and creative. I love the pop of orange with the turquoise hexies. Your traveling quilts are truly amazing and so beautiful. You must be thrilled to have them safely home. Winter is quickly approaching...Boo Hiss!