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Friday, October 27, 2017

Another Fabric Art Diary - Part 2

In my last post, I showed some rubbings I did with freezer paper stencils and oil pastels.  This process is all based on the DesignMattersTV video Linda Kemshall recently posted.  Since I only did about six rubbings, I knew I wouldn't have many pages!  Three!  Then I remembered I've been saving, in a large zip lock bag, with some squares that I made in the past, which have leaves on them. 

So, I'm going to include these in my little art diary!  The next 3 were made using Solar Fast sun printing paint(s).  You can see a blog post I did on using the Solar Fast product here.

These next two prints are similar in color but I can use contrasting threads or bright threads to make them look different.  I hope!

You can see how I used one of these prints in a 12"x12" exchange I did in 2016 here.   This print is quite pale but, again, thread work can make a difference.  She says hoping!  HA

These next leaf prints I made by applying fabric ink to the back of actual leafs to print. These have to be over 10 years old!  They're from another class I taught years ago! 

I feel better now that I have many more squares to work with and I can either include or not include in my little art diary!  Now to do some quilting on all these squares!  I look forward to seeing Linda Kemshall's process for finishing the book!


  1. Gosh….the leaf rubbings are great…….and a wonderful addition to your diary or a new quilt project!!

  2. Pretty pretty pretty! I especially love the first one at the top <3

  3. Loving it! I love leaves also. Not sure if I Can find any of my artsy stuff anymore. I guess I just have to create more!

  4. Cool results. I can only imagine how the quilting will enhance them.
    xx, Carol

  5. How fortunate you remembered your additional leaf pieces. Your art book will be so fabulous and it will represent lots of your Works of HeArt. <3

  6. So I'm loving this art diary to document or showcase different art techniques ?? Very cool....


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