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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Another Fabric Art Diary - part 1

The latest video from Linda/DesignMattersTV, is making a small fabric art diary.  Back in 2009, I started a large art diary (18"x18") using different techniques.

 You can see the front cover and another page I made here (if you're interested in some of the 'pages you can see them here, and here  ').  Linda Kemshall is making a smaller version, which I think is around 8" or 9" squares. Her current video is her Part 1 too!

So, to play along, I picked up some leaves (by hand not rake!  HA) and printed onto freezer paper to cut out my stencil leaf.    Then I dug out my oil pastel crayons!

I used a gold pastel crayon that is really old!  I think I scrapped off that 'skin' down to about 1/4" of the crayon.  To be honest, I haven't used my oil pastels lately.  I use to teach a class on rubbings/stencils with pastels so that kept them in good shape.  "Use it or lose it" certainly applies with pastels!  They dry up if not used.

And this is my finished rubbing...I'll be sandwiching and free motion quilting the square to sew the veins.

The green in the pic above is closer to what the green really looks like.  This is a hand dyed piece.

I like to use both positive and negative stencils...and making them out of freezer paper allows you to iron anywhere!   You just have to be careful when cutting our your stencil.

For this one, I used a Gelatos actually.

I like that pink color on the turquoise background.  Hard to see here but there are a few areas that have pink dye on them.  This was a hand dyed piece I did but I sure don't know where the pink came from!

This is another hand dyed piece I did that has lots of purple on it.  So I used a purple oil pastel crayon to blend around the stencil

It really looks quite nice in person.

I used a blue oil pastel for this stencil.  Love that contrast in this one. 

So, here are my squares that I stenciled.

 Now I need to sandwich and do some free motion quilting on them.  Linda will doing showing her part 2 at some point...although, I'm sure her part 2 will be a finished book!  My part 2 will be showing some other leaf prints I made a few years ago that I want to include in my book!  Most likely I'll have a part 3, part 4 and could even have a part 5....I won't work as quick as Linda and Laura Kemshall!


  1. Very cool technique….oh my something new to try!!

  2. Fabric books make my heart beat faster! I remember sitting and looking through your beaded pieces. This will be interesting. Gelatos on fabric? I don't know much about them, but like the look you got. It is safe to come to Florida- definite cool down. I'm wearing long sleeves today.

  3. LOL, My part 2 would be more in line with yours!

    I loved looking at your art journal blasts from the past. It is so interesting to see that other people have such creativity.

    I always think at the beginning of every year, that I will make
    a fabric box to put my Fiber Group projects in. (In which to put my projects, I know.) And during the year I will make all my projects the same size to fit in that box.......maybe next year.

  4. I love your hand dyed fabrics with the additions of leaf stencils. Your use of colors is gorgeous. I shall be interested in seeking your finished book. Creative Leaf Bliss Dear...<3

  5. I love oil did a beautiful job