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Saturday, November 11, 2017


Yep, we've had snow already and temps as low as 16 degrees.  Thursday it was in the low 20's when I took the girls for a walk!  Of course, Gigi has to get dressed up!  Kalee...not so much!  HA

I haven't been doing any sewing but have been practicing the Portuguese knitting technique that I mentioned in a past blog post (here).  I thought I had enough yarn to  make another shrug using a Sally Melville pattern but no such luck.  So instead I have just been practicing this new method of knitting that I love. 

My bud, Carol, and I went shopping this past Wednesday so on our way home from lunch, we stopped off at Beyond the Rainforest Yarn shop.    This is my go to yarn shop, close to home and they offer good classes each month. 

I was looking for yarn to make another shrug, but Carol spotted two cute wraps!  So she talked me into getting the pattern(s) and yarn!  Actually, they are both cute so I'll have to thank Carol! 

This is the Scalene Scarf by Theresa Gaffery. 

I purchased a avocado green and pale brown. Actually, the yarn shop used the two colors on each end and the center was one color, which I would like to follow.  This is a very lightweight yarn and will make a nice scarf to wear year round.  I haven't read the pattern yet so I may have to improvise!

The next wrap I got talked into is also cute. It's Summer Night by DROPS design.  The yarn shop made this up in a shorter version, which again I think I'd prefer so it's more of a wrap/shrug vs a longer wrap as shown here.

I bought a multi color grey linen yarn so it should go  well with all the black I wear!  HA  Or even with jeans and a white turtle neck. 

I went back to the yarn shop today to have them wind the skeins so I didn't have to do that.  I always end up with knots and their winding machine works so well!!!  So these two projects should keep me busy at night!!! 

Kids are coming on Sunday for brunch and I'm really looking forward to having them over!  Amber has to work so she won't be able to come...sniff, sniff!!!!  I am making some new recipes so hope they turn out! If not, you can always blame it on the recipe, right!


  1. Snow-no! Those shrugs are just the right weight for an AC cover-up.

  2. we got cold here in Louisiana for two days but it was warm enough today to go out without a coat. I love that shrug shawl.....

  3. I haven't knitted for ages - having shifted house in the interim I'll need to try to remember where I put my knitting stuff.... Cheers

  4. Lots of drizzle and dreary here. Perfect for those knitting projects you have. I might be able to knit the Snow Drop Wrap. My knitting skills are not very good and the only local yarn shops within 75 miles are out of business. Stay cozy and warm...<3


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