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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Thanksgiving Week

Well, I've not been doing any sewing...some knitting...not much...but lots of cooking!  Which I love to do, so that's ok!  I had kids up a week ago for brunch and we had a good meal (well, I thought did they!  HA).

I made:  Cowgirl Quiche *- which was delicious!!!!  I forgot to take pictures...too busy cooking! I'm making these* again this weekend!
Overnight French Toast*
Baked Hash brown potatoes - friend's recipe
Fancy Pancake (old recipe from one of my patients that my  kids loved)
Sausage patties and links*
Baked egg muffins - lots of recipes out there...I just mix what I have!  HA
Easy Sticky Buns* - my go to for home made cinnamon rolls..delish! Always a hit!
Chocolate bread - another favorite
Maple Nut Scones* - these are good..but not great.  I wouldn't make again but I did freeze some for this weekend.  I ate them a few days for breakfast!

We are looking forward to spending time with Bob's son, Ron, Mary Jo and our grand son, Ian.

 Of course the Michigan/Ohio football game is on Saturday.  Ian is for Ohio and Bob is Michigan...should be an interesting day on Saturday.  I'll be cooking turkey dinner for us, although I am for Michigan as well.  Friday we'll just have pizza or stromboli from our local restaurant.  Grandma will need a break!  HA

Thanksgiving we are going to my son's house along with my DIL's parents.  My daughter goes to her hubby's family for Thanksgiving each year.  She usually makes the turkey and some fixings but not sure what she's cooking this year.  We will miss her and Jeff but it should be a nice day with the kids and the Brohl's.  I just have to make lemon pies.  I'm going to make 2 so we can each have a piece or two leftover! 

Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving with family and/or friends!


  1. Yummy! No wonder there was no time for sewing or knitting. But you can knit while watching football, right? Or does that require too much focus? (the knitting I mean) Have a wonderful holiday with your family.

  2. All that food was for one brunch!!? It sounds absolutely delicious! Have fun with the rest of your holiday visits.

  3. Happy thanksgiving! We are doing a Saturday family thanksgiving. But tomorrow we are meeting friends at the renaissance hotel for their fabulous buffet!


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