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Sunday, January 26, 2020

Soy Wax - Part 3

I created the designs on my screens using soy wax.  My last post shows the same screens but printing on papers.  These were all screen printed on fabric  (quilters cotton sateen) and  over dyed.  I'm happy with results and hope to use these somewhere!!!

I used lime green, gray and black..over dyed with lime green.'re seeing a lot of white in some of these pieces because I FORGOT to remove the soy wax!!  DUH!  I know I used yellow for some of the over dyeing as well as a terra cotta...

Ditto above!

I don't even remember what color(s) I used for this print!

I really like the green and blues on this print!  And I like the pattern!  I used robin egg blue, lime green and turquoise for over dye.

This is a really nice pastel print...I am very happy with it too.  I used a really watered down red wine and robin egg blue.

Love this one...again, some of the prints over dyed just fine with me forgetting to remove the soy wax...others, just kept the resist of the wax...but I like the results anyway!

Very similar to the one above but a little deeper in color.

Guess I need a sticky note to remind myself to remove the wax!  DUH!


  1. Great results, I love the over-dyeing technique and have been meaning to try it, as soon as I get my deadlines done!

  2. I'm drawn to the green/blue tones, too. It sure seems as if one of your prints could look like the bark on the tree for the woodpecker- or you could fashion one? Lovely results.


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