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Friday, January 3, 2020

And the projects begin..or is it just ongoing!

Worked on my woodpecker this past Sunday while watching the Lions football game.... but haven't touched it since. I really did add several more beads to it on Sunday!  Hard to tell but I did!

Because I like to have more than one 'different' project to work on...I get bored doing the same thing over and over!  Well, that's the only excuse I can think of!  So I'm starting a some sewing again!  Have to try out my new Razon light system, right!
 This coming spring, our little art group will be participating in a quilt show with our exhibit of " Birds, Blooms and Butterfly's".   Mary and I are going to show our woodpecker quilts as well as we each have several  works of 'B,B and B'! to put on display.

 Back in 2011 I showed a few of my beaded birds that I finished for the Bead Journal Project.  Some of those I had framed and  now they are hanging in a few rooms of our house!  HA 

Beaded cardinal on quilted background

Two pieces I did back then are quilted but not  framed or with a sleeve on them.

Closeup of the beaded branch

the 2nd bird beaded on quilted background

So I decided I would do a QAYG (quilt as you go) process and make them into small quilts.  So where do I start! 
Well, back in March 2017, while having a visit with Kay Sorensen (from Quilts + Color) she happen to talk about a technique she uses to get started on a project.  I don't remember copying this technique down, but I had it on my phone (hence, I had also the date on it!) in one of my note apps.  Here is what Kay recommended for starting a project:

1. Get out 10 pieces of the fabrics you love. 2. Get out 10 pieces of the fabric that look good with them. 3. Get out 1 piece of fabric you think is ugly but goes with the first 20.
Now start playing with them and arrange them different ways until they start giving you ideas of what they want to be.

Mar 20 2017

So, that's what I did!  Starting with the cardinal, I knew I wanted some reds/blacks/gold to use as patchwork.  These are just a few of the fabrics I started with.    You can see in the photo below I added several more pieces, based on Kay's tip!

 I started to lay pieces of the fabrics around the cardinal.  I really was having fun!!!


After selecting fabrics,  I cut a large piece of batting to pin my already quilted cardinal on to.  As I mentioned, I wanted to QAYG method, just because the cardinal is already quilted!  Then I cut strips and sewed to the edge of the cardinal quilt; sewing 1/4" seam, pressing out and onto the next's working out great!!! 

I'm still in the process of laying strips around the center cardinal but I'm having fun.   I didn't have much time before we had to leave to run errands.  Today,  I'll be gone with my bud to do some walking at our indoor mall and maybe some sale shopping.  But I hope to get a good ways by the end of this coming weekend.  

 And it's all thanks to Kay!!!!!  

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  1. You are so ready for the quilt show- perfect theme for your works. Love that red with the Cardinal


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