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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Book Review Time

First up, I want to wish everyone a Happy New safe out there if you're one to celebrate outside of the house!  Bob and I are usually asleep by 11:30 or midnight...funny, because during the normal week days, he has the TV on until 12:30 a.m. or 1 a.m.! 

I bought myself a Christmas present!  But I'm blaming it on Lynn Krawczyk!  Most folks know Lynn and have seen her on QATV or read her blog, etc..  I've enjoyed following her blog and on FaceBook for several years.  A few weeks ago she posted on receiving Jane Dunnewold's new book 'Best of Both Worlds - Enhanced Botanical Printing'. 

I've dabbled in printing with leaves/flowers/etc. but in reading Lynn's post as well as going to Jane's web site I  decided to order the book!  So glad I far I've looked at ALL the pictures/eye candy three times!!  My normal routine is to look at the pictures first, then go back and read the book!  I'm hoping three is the charm for me and I can start to read! 

This is the table on contents.....

See what I mean about looking at pics!  I'm just showing one page!!!  Jane's instructions look very clear...this is my fourth book of Jane's (I have: Complex Cloth, Improvisational Screen Printing and Paper & Metal Leaf Lamination).  So glad I added this to my collection!!  Now to wish for spring...but maybe I'll need that time to read the book and gather the supplies. 

Hilary's online class starts back up on January 6th and our 2nd year won't be starting until March or April time frame....have to keep busy this winter, right! 

For my next book review, I'm borrowing a snippet/review of two books from Linda's blog (Flourishing Palms) .  I just finished reading the first book...yes, I actually read this one.  I listen to most books but always have a book on my night stand to read while Bob watches the news (for the tenth time!  HA).  This isn't a book that I would normally select to read and even with Linda's low score (2.8/5.0) I requested it from the library and I enjoyed it!!  Like Linda, I don't believe in magic nor do I read books about aliens, space travel, even medieval stories.  If you're on the fence, request the can always return it...but give it a chance!

I've included Linda's other recommendation from that same post.  I've requested this one to listen to on my Ipod but it's not available yet.  And when you have a free minute, check out Linda's blog as well!  She does fantastic fiber work and I was lucky to see one of her quilts at a show when their guild had a show at the Villages in Florida!  Here is Linda's post:

I've completed three audiobooks since my last blog post.

The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman is a story about three children whose parents have forbidden them to do many things, including wear black or use an Ouija board. From experience, their mother knows the power of magic - how it can hurt and kill people, even those she loves. She wants to prevent their involvement in magic, however, the kids being to discover their undeniable, innate abilities. During a visit to their aunt's home, they learn what they're capable of. I thought this was a strange story, but perhaps my impression is such because, to me, stories about magic aren't believable. Well, other than the old TV show "Bewitched." :-)

Linda's score: 2.8/5.0

The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris is a sad look into the conditions of Auschwitz-Birkenau in 1942. When Lale, a Slovakian Jew, is delivered by cattle car to the camp, he discovers what he must do to remain alive, while trying to help other prisoners. Becoming the camp tattooist - carving permanent numbers into the skin of new camp arrivals - puts him in a highly visible position, but one where he can collect information and ask for more. He meets Gita, the woman of his dreams when he tattoos a number on her arm, and together they vow to survive and make a life for themselves after the war.

Linda's score: 4.1/5.0


  1. Oh that book is so you! Very nice gift to self. You might be interested to also see The National Quilt Musuem on YouTube- a piece about current exhibits. Jane Dunnewold has a very interesting one in which she combines vintage needlework with fabrics in pictorial quilts- a different path. I'm listening to The Giver of Stars which Linda happened to also read and review in her current blog post. It's a good one! Happy happy and healthy New Year to you, Bob, and the girls!

  2. For me "The Rules of Magic" looks like a good read. Frequently what I believe is tested. Strange things still happen in our home. You gave yourself a great Gift to Self. I tried that but couldn't think of what I wanted...but I WILL, lol.
    Happy New Year.
    xx, Carol

  3. I bought the new jane Dunnewold book also...have yet to open it but it came highly recommended so I'm excited to read it. I also have the Tattooist of Auschwitz in my audio library...know it will be depressing to read but I intend to start it soon and really appreciate your review on it....Wishing you a happy, healthy and productive New Year

  4. Oh, goodie, a new Jane Dunnewold book! Robbie, this kind of thing is not good for my budget or my writing schedule. Whee.

    I'll pass on the Auschwitz book, though. After watching Generation War over Christmas I don't need any more depressing stories for at least a year!


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