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Sunday, December 1, 2019

Another Surprise BD celebration!

MaryJo worked at putting up BD decorations!

 Hubby turns 80 in December, but with his son and family coming for Thanksgiving and the weekend, what better time to have a pre birthday surprise party for Bob!!!  Bob hates surprise parties so why wouldn't we do this! 

Kalee was helping put up the crepe paper decorations!  She's not really good at it!

MaryJo and I did some local shopping Friday afternoon, then stopped to pick up lasagna and mostaccioli, which we kept hidden in the oven!   My kids/family came up Friday for dinner,  picking up pizza on the way from our local restaurant, John's Steakhouse and Pizza.  (Diane, Bob's daughter, and hubby were at their lodge in Maggie Valley and  couldn't attend.   Fortunately, Ian (grandson), Ron (Bob's son) and Bob were in the downstairs family room watching, what else! but football!   When 'the boys' came upstairs, my kids, MaryJo and I were  there to say surprise! 

We had three cakes!  I bought this one at Kroger - it wasn't bad!

And my daughter made this apple cider cake, which I thought was quite good.  And it was really good warmed up for breakfast the next day!!! 

I made Bob's favorite chocolate cake but I forgot to take a picture of it, but, you can see the leftover on the right!

No candles on Bob's cake but we did sing!  I know he just loved that part!  HA

Amber helped Grandpa with his presents and cards!

Bob, Amber, Darrin, Ron and MJ. 
I have to start getting better at taking more pictures...or at least better pictures..paying closer attention to which subjects and why I'm taking pictures.  We need more family shots!

Ron, MaryJo and Ian...who was checking on the football stats (since the TV wasn't on football!).  HA

Kalee was SO happy to see Amber again!  In fact, she was so happy to have company in the house.  She loves everyone and Gigi was a doll. 

It was so much fun to sit with everyone...we had lots of laughs, thanks mainly to my SIL, Jeff (my daughter's hubby!).  Jeff is a hoot and has a dry sense of humor.  He always puts a smile on our face when family gets together!  Sorry I didn't get a picture of him! 

What do you get the man who has everything?  His favorite spicy nuts my daughter makes; his favorite Lindor dark chocolate truffles from his son's family (Ron, MJ and Ian) and his Moscow Mule and Tito's Vodka from my son's family (Darrin, Kris, Nick and Amber). 

So sweet of the kids to even think of gifts for Bob!!!
Bob got the best cards!!!  Just a hoot...the dog card was from Ian.  The inside says "Do I smell old people?"  Bob thought that was a real hoot!!!
It was so nice having everyone here to celebrate!!!  I know deep down Bob was happy but he'll never admit it.  I know because he wasn't upset that I pulled this off and he has 'expressed' himself before when I did a surprise party on how I "shouldn't do that ever again".  Well, I never promised!

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  1. How fun!! Happy Birthday Bob.I remember when I thought 80 was old..ancient really, lol. Now that I am 68 it doesn't seem old at all.
    xx, Carol


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