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Friday, December 27, 2019

Travel time or cleanup time?

Normally, on this date, 12/27, Bob and I have the car loaded and are taking off to Florida with the girls for four months.  But this year, Bob is off to meet some buds at noon and I'm headed to the our local meat market and grocery store!  Times sure have changed!  I actually miss packing the car and thinking about driving for 2 1/2 days!  Sniff..sniff...

Yesterday, I had plans to do nothing!  But I can't sit still for long so.....this was my afternoon.  Getting out all the boxes so I can put away the Christmas decorations. 

This is usually my task to do Christmas Day night after Bob's daughter and hubby leave from our get together.   It is kinda nice to know it's all put away, swept and ready for the next holiday or get together!

Look at our family room now!!!

Bob's stores his large radio controlled airplane on the pool table!  It's too big to sit anywhere else.  He does have two other planes that are hung in his workroom area.

All Christmas decorations are gone and put in the storage area under the stairs!  There's lot of 'stuff' in here...the area goes back under the stairs quite a ways but then I have lots of Christmas decorations (as well as Easter, Halloween and Thanksgiving!). 

Honestly, I feel like I just put up the decorations...when it was just a few weeks before Thanksgiving.  But, I am glad it's all over now and I can start to look at cleaning up my sewing room and wet/dye room(s).  Time to get organized!  I usually do my spring cleaning when I get back from Florida but now that I'll be here in the winter, guess I will start spring cleaning now!

Fortunately, our weather has been more spring like than winter.  It was 51 degrees yesterday!  51!!!  But I have to admit I am still going to miss Florida...the friends, the weather, the fun!!!

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