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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Just a walk in the park!

Kids came up on Thanksgiving afternoon and we started in on our three days of eating!  Turkey dinner turned out good and everyone seemed to like it.  Next we had dessert of pumpkin pie and lemon pie!  So we were stuffed....Friday with Bob's birthday celebration we had one whole family tray of lasagna and one family tray of mostaccioli; bread sticks with garlic cream cheese and three different pizza's!  Of course, we had to have dessert again - 3 birthday cakes! 

By Saturday, I was feeling kinda full and almost tired of eating...MaryJo walked 3 miles on our treadmill in the a.m. and I just did a short walk with the girls.  I had mentioned that we now have a county park in Goodrich (Atlas County Park) and how I've been wanting to walk there.  So, we took a 'walk in the park' Saturday afternoon!!!


We left our marijuana at home!  HA  I just thought that was an interesting sign!  The alcohol I could mind just doesn't ever think about marijuana!  I am old I guess!

I didn't see this map before we entered...just too excited to get started on our walk!

At one point, we weren't sure which way to go so we just kept following trails...I did have my Endomondo app on, which showed us where we left and where we were heading!!!  Whew!  MaryJo has a better sense of direction than I do..ha

The trail is a two track road and wasn't bad at all.  Lots of leaves covering the ground.

Several swamp/water areas...
Actually, it wasn't all that cold with the exception of one spot where the wind was blowing.  Otherwise, it was a great walk!  It took us 53 minutes to walk 2.41 miles (11:56 min miles, which Ian said was pretty good!).  And we burned 267 calories, which worked out perfect for us to have a Moscow Mule (for MaryJo) and a glass of wine for me!

  I'm really anxious now to walk there in the spring/summer/fall!!!  I've seen posts on the butterflies and wild flowers, so I'm sure it will be a great place to walk!  

Of course the guys were at the house watching their Michigan/Ohio State game!  By this picture, I'm sure you can tell who Bob and Ron were rooting for!!!  And you can guess who Ian was hoping to win...and who did win!!!!

My football hero's!

I love this picture of Ron, MaryJo and Ian!!!  They are such a wonderful family.  I'm lucky to have them as my 'bonus' kids!!!


  1. Nice pics. We have a county park just three blocks from us. I have not walked there in years. I think I watch too many of those forensic shows because I'm pretty sure I would not walk alone in the park again. Gosh I'm getting jumpy in my old age.
    xx, Carol

  2. Good for you braving the cold. I refused to walk yesterday morning, wind blowing 40-50 mph gust with snow coming down. Even Sooty turned around after only 5 mins. when ‘the husband’ had her out. Will force myself to go this morning even though it’s only 27 degrees….gotta bank those calories for the way too many social gatherings ahead.

  3. That looks like a lovely park for a walk. Can the girls go there? And I saw your weekend of feasts, so I know what you mean about wanting to get out a walk a bit! I'm going to look into that app- some of these public lands get a bit confusing with the trails. Those look like easy walking.


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