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Sunday, December 8, 2019

Present Time and it's not even Christmas yet!

When my buds and I met to see Mary's Chilhuly quilts this week, it was also time to celebrate Mary's Birthday!  No, I forgot to take a picture of the birthday gal but I did take pictures of some of the gifts WE all received that day!   First one was a birthday gift!

First off, I saw on FaceBook a post by Ami Simms on this really cool light for your sewing machine.  Now a lot of you in Michigan, as well as other states, know Ami from her quilting/teaching days.  She's now retired from teaching but still posts on FB.  I saw her comment on the Razon Sewing Light.

 I trust if Ami thought this was a great tool to have that I'd purchase one!  And with Mary's BD approaching I ordered one for her too! 

This was Mary's fact, this is Mary's machine with the light already attached!  I have to admit I haven't been in my sewing room to even put mine on yet!

You can see how bright the light is!  It's reflecting on her acrylic sewing extension.   I hope to get in my room sometime this weekend......

Next up, our bud, Carol (who I've also posted about!), made these beautiful note cards.  Carol gave each of us a group of the cards! 

Carol taught herself to make them and is now working with her Friends of the Library group to make them  for selling.  How cool is that!  The cards are stenciled onto book pages then once dry covered with a watercolor type dye/paint, dried and glued to card fronts.  They really are beautiful....almost too pretty to use!!!  Thank you, Carol!!!

And another present from our bud, Lois Ann (another friend who I also have blogged about) gave us each a bag of Ghirardelli candy and just by luck I received my favorite!!!!!  Dark chocolate/salted caramel!  I love these!!!!!  And it was just the luck of the draw!!!  Each bag was different!  It's funny because LA usually gives us chocolate covered cherries, which I love and only get at Christmas from her!  But thanks, Lois Ann!!!!  I love Ghirardelli dark chocolate candy.


Before I forget, when the kids were leaving on Sunday, MaryJo gave me this towel!  Is this cute or what!!!  I love it!!!!

It's beginning to feel like Christmas around here!!!!! 


  1. Well it's true you just can't seem to get enough light on things, so this is a great gift for yourself and Mary! And more wonderful gifts topped off by chocolate! You reminded me that I saw chocolate covered cherries the other day and did not get any. I still might need to. The towel is cute and perfect for your household. 'Tis the season!

  2. I've been thinking about getting led lights for my machine. I think I have them in my Amazon wish list. I am, however on a spending moratorium until I get one of Terry's medical bills that we didn't expect to be denied.
    Merry Christmas
    xx, Carol

  3. I don’t know if this company is a copy cat of the original solo individual that came up with this idea about 8 years ago…..I blogged about it at the time but too lazy to dig through my archives to find it. At any rate….yes, it’s so helpful to have that much light…my only issue was the adhesive didn’t keep the strip of light in place for long…Perhaps I should dig it out and add some new adhesive….one can never have enough light when sewing!


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