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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Introducing the Aussome Study Group

I belong to a small art group who meet once a month called the Aussome Study Group.  We don't necessarily do any projects monthly but focus on our show and tell of what we have done in the past month.  Of course, it's a good way to share how we created or learned a new technique.   It's also a good way to keep us each active in our respective genre, knowing we need to bring something to show!  Because the YAHOO group site/photo albums, where we had our group, are being dismantled, we decided to start our own blog.  FaceBook isn't an option as not everyone is on FB nor do they want to be.

Below is our post from the December meeting and you can see some of what these ladies do or have done this past month!  As you'll see, we are a diverse group and have lots of interests!  If you'd like to receive emails when our group posts, sign up on the blog page ('follow by email' option upper right side).

Aussome Study Group December 2019 Meeting

Our last get together for 2019!!  And we're looking forward to 2020 already!  Well, maybe after Christmas and the New Year, right!  We had a great lunch and conversation at Lucky's Steak House (remember that key word, Lois Ann!  Steak House....
LoisAnn, Carol, Me and Mary (Chris was traveling and not able to attend).

Lois Ann started us off with her 1st place plaque for her biking season!!!  She was also 5th place in the woman's division overall the Michigan Gravel Race Series for 2019!!!  How cool is that!  CONGRATS!!!

When LA wasn't riding/racing, she started back drawing birds getting inspired with the Birds, Butterflies and Blooms exhibit we are participating in the spring of 2020.  These were all done using ink and no pencil drawing first!

LoisAnn also showed several smaller collage/applique pieces she is creating in fabric.  Our girl is working in brighter colors...I think we got used to seeing her pen drawings.  These look like her drawings and are representative of Italy.  Very cool!

And just to brag a bit....Kara (LA's daughter) will finish her PhD next July/August time frame and is looking at two major job opportunities in London or Switzerland!  Kara is currently in Germany and LA and Kendall will be heading there for 3 weeks!  Safe travels and enjoy time with your wonderful daughter! Give her our best!!

Mary was Mrs. Claus today giving us each a bag of goodies!!!  We each got soap squares that smell so good; hand warmers Mary made, and some goodies to eat!!!  Thanks, Mary!!!  I'm eating my little muffin while I'm typing!!!

Mary also brought/showed the '16 things' she  (Carol has same items) has to use in a project for Design Works.  Mary is thinking of making a old lady in a quilt.  Good luck, ladies!!  This is a good challenge!!!

Carol said she had 'nothing'...but she did bring a current QA magazine for us to review.  And she gave Lois Ann a cool book for Kara.  Kara will be using the cover and removing the inside pages for making her own journal.   I think LA will be reading the book tonight as she seemed interested in some of the chapters!  It is a cool looking cover!

Pattern is in the middle

I showed a pinafore I'm knitting for my great grand baby.  The yarn creates the pattern, which we all think is very cool!  Great minds think of everything don't they!  They must be engineers who came up with this!

I finished Dawn's table topper that she dye painted at QSDS several! years ago!  She gave me the fabric this past fall and I thought she should have a quilt or something from the fabric.  She did a great job on the design.

Neocolor II combined with gelatos

I showed some of my project results from Hilary's online class - I haven't done any class for the past 3 weeks! - descriptions are on each pic.  We were doing a lot of screen printing.

Each picture on the left is the screen and the right is the prints on each of these.

Neocolor II and gelatos rubbing on screen

Deconstructed screen prints

Screen on left print on right

Screen on left and print on right

And my beaded woodpecker is coming along...he too has been ignored with the Thanksgiving holiday and company but will be done by February!  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

We missed Chris today but she's getting ready to head out to Orlando for the AKC agility competition.  She's been invited for the past several years!  Best of luck, Chris!!  Keep us posted on your results and safe travels!

And to all, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Looking forward to 2020 and all our accomplishments!


  1. I am in a couple of Yahoo groups and I think that having a blog is a great idea. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to to you.

  2. The blog is a great idea. In all the groups I was in on Yahoo, no one mentioned having a blog. Your bird is looking great.
    Merry Christmas
    xx, Carol

  3. I’ve tried several times to sign up for your new group’s email…..but the request won’t go through…is anyone else having trouble?


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